Plastic Fabrication tools

Plastic Fabrication

Quick-SE Hot Air Tool

Perfect for hot air applications, this indispensable tool for a large number of industries and production people.

Welding tip preplasticizes thermoplastic welding surface. Molten plastic is injected subsurfacely to fuse the plastic together and form a sound weld for prototyping, repair or fabrication..

Bend Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Kydex, polycarbonates, PVC (Type I and II), ABS, Acrylics, or other thermoplastic sheeting up to 1/2" thick.

Weld PE, PP, PVDF, PVC, CPVC, and other thermoplastic materials in inside corners, liners, pipe, rigid sheet stock.

Pneumatic or automatic welding, inserting, staking and spot welding, cutting applications.

For fusing plastics (PE, PP, PVDF, PB, PVC). Manual heating plates are highly manageable because of their ergonomic handle.

Aluminum cast electric tubular heaters mounted on a clampable base with a control box which regulates the electric power thereby controlling the temperature

The most important element to successful thermoplastic welding is the quality of the filler rod. It is essential to proper bonding that filler rods be made with the same high grade resins used in the material being welded. Our rod is extruded using only the highest grade resins available.

Single point or small multi-point assembly operations, exceptional for short-run prototype work and for testing new applications. No lab or molding house should be without one!


Deburring, Scraping, and Cutting for plastics industry, Automotive industry, Furniture manufacturers, Construction industry, Semi-processed materials (pipes, sheets, etc.).

Features an electrically heated blade designed for cutting all thermoplastics easily and effortlessly.

Make clean, even, straight or curved cuts in synthetic and composite materials. Degating, Cutting in tight places, and sprue removal.

Cut foam, PVC, Acrylic Plastics, Cabinet Tops, Hardboard, Pressed Board, Siding, Signs, Plywood, Mild Steel.

Designed, tested and improved for high volume plastic machining. High speed steel tools will give a better finish in ductile, impact resistant, softer, warmer, readily machinable and less abrasive plastics.

Produce smooth holes in acrylics and plastics.

Check the quality of your weld. Locate bad welds or pin holes easily! This rugged tester is specifically designed for inspecting tank linings and for applications where continuous use is a necessity.

Reduce time and cost of polishing acrylic after machining operations. Hydrogen & oxygen flame will not introduce contaminants or discoloration into the material being polished.

Everything you need to build your own 4' or 8' hot wire machine to cut EPS foam.

Ion Air Gun

Part cleaning, chip removal, part drying, liquid blowoff, part cooling, material conveying, part ejection, fiber conveying, and air assist applications.

Versatile and economical packaging system for use with plastic films.

The "Clean-walker" effectively removes contaminants on the bottom of shoes and booties and is ideal for all your cleanroom applications as well as cleaning cart wheels or shower booths.