Signs, banner and graphic industry printing tools and equipment

Signs, Banners

New Lightweight Design! Features an electrically heated blade designed for cutting all thermoplastics easily and effortlessly. Cuts through material up to 5 inches thick, depending on density.

This cutting foot is used to prevent damage to your cutting surface while cutting synthetic fabrics and thin plastics. The material is lifted off the cutting surface before coming in contact with the heated blade which easily cuts and seals the edges of the material.

These blades are designed so that heat is concentrated along the cutting edge in order to achieve the optimum cutting temperature. Model T 06 with rounded edge glides along cutting surface heat sealing the edges to prevent fraying of synthetic fibers and textiles.

For smooth effortless cutting. Make straight or curved cuts in hard- to- cut materials. Easily cuts center openings in fabrics, plastic products, rubber or styrofoam.

Cut elastic, webbing, ribbons, belt loops, Velcro, nylon cord, leather, safety belt, rubber, vinyl and light guage wire. Cut and seal synthetic materials to prevent fraying.

Cut and Roll cloth, natural and synthetic fibers: Paper, Plastic, Vinyl, Packing Foam, Bubble, or Fiberglass into sized, functional pieces of material with no waste.

Designed to cut and fuse nylon, dacron, polypropylene line and rope

Used for hot cutting and sealing woven and knitted synthetic materials to prevent fraying. Cuts webbing, braid, elastics, strapping, cord, ribbon, hook and loop, and rope.

Quick-SE Hot Air Tool

The latest generation of light, handy, tried and tested hot air welding tools. New ergonomic design!

The efficient maneuverable automatic hot air welding machine

A powerful automatic welder for webbing tapes for the tarpaulin industry!

The automatic hot air welder for welding reinforced tapes on truck tarpaulins!

Versatile and economical air and water tight sealing for packaging using coated paper, plastic films, laminated foils, polyethylene or cellophane of tubes, odd and oversized packages.

Versatile and economical packaging system for use with plastic films.

Single bends, complete heating systems or make your own system for consistent, professional plastic bending of Acrylics, ABS, PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate and more.

Designed to work on a full range of plastics, these are ideal for sign makers. Vertical positioning for panels allows safer, easier access. Bearing guide system for precise straight or square cuts. Sign Saw Package cuts cost by $230 and includes Hold Down Bar, Quick Stop gauge, Backerboard, Stand, Signmakers blade

Designed with the sign making and the graphics industry in mind. Complete, Accurate and User Friendly Manual Cutters built for the Sign and Digital Market!

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Measure temperature, humidity, maximums, minimums, averages, dewpoint, absolute humidity.