Shear Cutters: Pneumatic Cutters

Evolution & Evolution-E2 Precision Cutter
Integrated wide format cutting system designed to revolutionize the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishing process. Intended to fit any bench. The Evolution-E2 boasts an outstanding .008' 
Economy Shear Cutter
Economy shear cutter is a durable, light duty, low volume system ideal for cutting: Paper • Plastic • Packing Foam • Bubble • Other similar 
Roll Storage Systems
Increase Cutting Efficiency and Productivity. Multiple roll storage stand can be used as a stand alone system or can be furnished complete with rotary shear, AP 'Advanced Performance' cutter or Air Knife 
Manual Feed and Auto-Cut Dispensing System
MFAC is designed to dispense and cut a wide range of materials and comes in a number of sizes to accommodate the different widths. The MFAC is a small programmable length cutting system, which is fed manually 
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Rasor 220V OR 380V Bi-directional Electric 3-Phase Direct Drive Slitter Our professional 
Pneumatic Drive Compression Cutter
Pneumatic drive assembly automatically moves the cutter head left or right at the push of a button. It can be mounted to