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    CR Clarke

    • CR Clarke Injection Mold Machine
      The CR Clarke CR25 machine is ideal for both education and small-batch industrial production, providing a clear demonstration of injection molding principles while producing high quality moldings. ...
    • CR Clarke Sheet Press CRR30 230V
      CR Clarke CRR30 Sheet Press The CR Clarke CRR30 Sheet Press converts ...
      Our Price: $6,439.00
      $6,439.00      $6,567.78
    • CR Clarke Granulator CRR25
      CR Clarke Granulator, CRR25 The CR Clarke CRR25 is an industrial quality plastic granulator. Suitable ...
      Our Price: $7,583.00
      $7,583.00      $7,734.66
    • Vacuum Former CR725FLB, Max Sheet 458 x 254mm
      Vacuum Former CR725FLB (432mmx228mm Forming aperture) Our CR725FLB Vacuum Former has been developed for high performance, ease of use and low ...
      Our Price: $5,158.00
      $5,158.00      $5,261.16
    • CR Clarke Diamond Edge Polisher CR1550H
      The CR Clarke CR1550H Diamond Edge Polishing machine converts thermoplastic sheet edges to a brightly polished surface in one operation. ...
      Our Price: $33,549.00
      $33,549.00      $34,219.98
    • CR Clarke Diamond Edge Polisher CR1525H
      CR Clarke Diamond Edge Polisher CR1525H The CR Clarke CR1525H Diamond Edge Polisher will convert the sawn edge of a piece of plastic material ...
      Our Price: $17,999.00
      $17,999.00      $18,358.98
    • CR Clarke CR45 Profile Cutter
      CR Clarke CR145 Profile Cutter/Router The trimming of vacuum formed moldings can be a laborious and skilled process, making it difficult in a ...
      Our Price: $1,381.00
      $1,381.00      $1,408.62