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XP101 Highest Precision Hand-Held Temp Meter, Case, PT100 Ceramic Sensor

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Product Description

XP101 Highest Precision Hand-Held Temp Meter, Case, PT100 Ceramic Sensor
Highest precision on the market reference measurement standard for industrial temperature calibrations. Suitable as temperature reference in block calibrators, climate chambers or liquid baths. Mini USB interface with software, online data collection.

The most accurate handheld device (0.005°C) for temperature (CO2 w/optional sensor). Ideal as reference standard. Excellent stability through multiple annealing cycles. Sensor characteristic curve is determined individually and is saved in the device. Integrated root 2 function for determination of the sensor self-heating, plus automatic elimination of parasitic thermovoltage. For traceability to national standards a DAkkS calibration certificate is attached.

PT100 Probe (included)

Specifications and additional product information
Hand-held device XP101 Order No.
Hand-held device XP101 5810-10
Technical data Dimensions 170 x 62 x 34 mm                        
  Weight Approx. 205g
Temperature Measurement range - 150 … 450 ° C
  Accuracy 0.005°C at 0.005°C otherwise -40...+200°C 0.02°C
  Measuring technique Four terminal sensing
  Reaction time 10 s
Measuring current in normal operation 1 mA DC with duty cycle of 50% = 0.50 mA, 1.85 measurements/sec. Automatic elimination of thermo voltage
Measuring current “root 2 function 1 mA DC with duty cycle of 33% = 0.30 mA, 1.25 measurements/sec. Automatic elimination of thermo voltage
Integrated sensor characteristic
DIN EN IEC 60751 / ITS-90 or XP101-mode
Storage conditions    
Permitted ambient temperature -20...60°C  
Permitted rel. humidity <90% RH non-condensing  
Operating conditions Permitted rel. humidity Permitted altitude <90% RH non-condensing
Power supply Power supply
Active power consumption
Battery life passive
Battery life active
Sensor power supply

4 Alkaline LR6 AA 1.5V / USB 5V
Approx. 400mW
Approx. 1 year
Min. 24 hours
5.5V ± 10% DC, max. 200mA

Data storage Integrated data storage Up to 200 data/approx. 1 Mio measured values
Interface USB Cable and SmartGraph3 software included in delivery
Resolution Definition of measured values 3 decimal places  
Display Control Touch screen, capacitive  
  Technology TFT, resolution 240x320, 65k colors, very good contrast, suitable for sunlight
  Surface, toughened glass Degree of hardness: 7, scratch-resistant
Accessories Extension and/or connecting cable for digital sensor, 10m Power supply adapter 8120-NT 8120-KAB10
Precision PT100 (immersion) probe, long (included) Order No.
Precision PT100, ceramic sensor, bifilar coiled, mineral insulated version 3120-700
Technical data Dimensions, probe 300 x 4 mm  
Dimensions, housing 119 x 27/35 mm
Weight 120g
Protective housing IP40
Max. permitted operating temperate   PUR cable and handle can be used up to 80°C
Compatibility XP100, XP101  
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