Item No: 5820-00

XP200 SDI Hand Held Meter - Temp & Humidity

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Product Description

XP200 SDI Hand Held Meter - Temp & Humidity
Temperature and humidity measuring device compatible with various intelligent sensors

Specifications and additional product information
XP200 5820-00
Dimensions 170x62x34 mm
Weight Approx. 205g
Storage conditions
Permissible ambient temperature -20...60°C
Operating rel. humidity <90%r.h. non-condensing
Operating conditions
Operating rel. humidity <90%r.h. (20g/m3) non-condensing
Admissible height above absolute altitude 4000m
Power supply
Power supply 4 Alkaline LR6 AA 1.5V / USB 5V
Active power consumption Approx. 400mW
Battery life passive Approx. 1 year
Battery life active min. 24 hours
Sensor power supply 5.5V ± 10% DC, max. 200mA
Data storage
Integrated data storage up to 200 gauges taking approx. 1 mill. values
USB Cable and SmartGraph3 software included in delivery
Defi nition of measured values 2 decimal places
Control Touch screen, capacitive
Technology TFT, resolution 240x320, 65k colours, very good contrast due to Piezoresistive technology
Surface, toughened glass Degree of hardness: 7, scratch-resistant
Calculated measurement categories for external temperature/humidity sensors Mathematical: MIN/MAX/AVG/HOLD
Temperature (°C/°F)
Rel. humidity (%r.h)
Rel. humidity of ice (%r.h)
Water vapour density (absolute humidity) g/m3
Dew point temperature °C/°F
Frost point temperature °C/°F
Mixing ratio at saturation (100%) g/kg
Volume fraction of water vapour /mass fraction of water vapour (%)
Wet-bulb temperature °C/°F
Ice-bulb temperature °C/°F
Specifi c Enthalpy (mass of air) kJ/kg
Saturation vapour pressure above ice/water (hPa)
Vapour particle pressure (hPa)
Air density kg/m3
SDI Temperature/Humidity Sensor with 4mm diam. 9130-520
SDI High Temperature/Humidity sensor 9130-530
Allround SDI Temperature/Humidity Sensor 9130-540
Extension cable for sensor, 10m 8120-KAB10
Extension cable for sensor, 2m 8120-KAB2
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