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XA1000 Hand Held All-in-One Meter Temperature/Humidity, AirFlow, Air pressure

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Product Description

XA1000 Hand Held All-in-One Meter Temperature/Humidity, AirFlow, Air pressure
The most precise and flexible all-rounder instrument for professional applications-easy to handle and robust. Allows various intelligent sensors to be connected with automatic recognition, saves measuring campaigns, allows all climate data to be calculated and achieved on a computer for further evaluation by SmartGraph3 software.

Highly precise measurements of Temperature and relative Humidity, AirFlow, CO2 (optional sensor), Air pressure. Integrated air pressure sensor, online/ offline data recording. Equipment test certificate, can be calibrated.

More specs and info on XA1000 digital measuring device are available in our downloadable PDF brochure.

Specifications and additional product information
XA1000 5900.00
Dimensions 170x62x34 mm
Weight Approx. 205g
Storage conditions
Permissible ambient temperature -20...60°C
Operating rel. humidity <90%r.h. non-condensing
Operating conditions
Operating rel. humidity <90%r.h. (20g/m3) non-condensing
Admissible height above absolute altitude 4000m
Power supply
Power supply 4 Alkaline LR6 AA 1.5V / USB 5V
Active power consumption Approx. 400mW
Battery life passive Approx. 1 year
Battery life active min. 24 hours
Sensor power supply 5.5V ± 10% DC, max. 200mA
Data storage
Integrated data storage up to 200 gauges taking approx.
1 mill. values
USB Cable and SmartGraph3 software
included in delivery
Defi nition of measured values 2 decimal places
Control Touch screen, capacitive
Technology TFT, resolution 240x320, 65k colours, very good
contrast due to Piezoresistive technology
Surface, toughened glass Degree of hardness: 7, scratch-resistant
ntegrated air pressure sensor 800...1100mbar
Accuracy at 25°C, 1013.25mbar 0.5mbar
Long-term stability typ. - 1mbar/year
Measurement resolution 0.024mbar
Measuring principle Piezoresistive
Calculated measurement categories for external temperature/humidity sensors
Calculated measurement categories for external airflow sensors
Compatibility Sensor/probe: all SDI/digital
sensors (temperature,
humidity, SDI airflow, air pressure integrated)
SDI Airflow/Temperature Sensor (0...2m/s) 6120.510 $680
SDI Airflow/Temperature Sensor (0....20m/s) 6120.520 $510
SDI Temperature/Humidity
Sensor with 4mm diam.
9130.520 $630
SDI High Temperature/Humidity sensor 9130.530 $655
Allround SDI Temperature/Humidity Sensor 9130.540 $205
Extension cable for sensor, 10m 8120.KAB10 $142
Extension cable for sensor, 2m 8120.KAB2 $85
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