Item No: 8120-30K

OPUS20E Kit with Sensors, Case, Cable, Wall power

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Product Description

OPUS20E Kit with Sensors, Case, Cable, Wall power
Lufft OPUS 20E w/ 8120-TFF Temp/RH Sensor, 10m cable, Wall power & Case

For climate monitoring and recording in buildings, air conditioning units, laboratory, clean room, storerooms and museums, alarm indication (current or historical since the last data transmission), conversion of the display from %RH to absolute humidity or dew point with SmartGraph professional software.

8120-30K includes:

  • Lufft OPUS20E Datalogger (8120-30)
  • Wall Power Supply (8120-NT)
  • 10 Meter Cable (8120-KAB10)
  • Temp/RH Sensor (8120-TFF)
  • Case (BMC1203)
With up to 10 external channels/sensors per OPUS20E, the OPUS20E offers the highest flexibility and is excellent value for your money. It allows the connection of up to 4 external temperature and relative humidity sensors, as well as 2 further analog sensors. Intelligent BUS sensors can be integrated via the OPUS20E’s RS485 interface (e.g. particle counter).

Air flow and differential pressure sensors are typically connected to the OPUS20E via analog inputs as opposed to the maximum of 4 external temperature or humidity sensors that can be integrated via a digital BUS protocol.

In connection with its LAN capabilities, the OPUS20E is able to realize universal measurement networks in real time. For standard applications the Smart-Graph 3 comes into play, and in order to fulfill the 21 CFR 11 guidelines the well established and proven MCPS7 software is available.
  • Economically priced
  • Comes with SmartGraph 3 software, connecting cable and manual— everything needed to record and download
  • NIST Certification and anti-theft wall-mounting device optional


Lufft OPUS20E with External Temp/RH Sensors - Model No. 8120-30K
Dimensions 180mm L, 78mm W, 32mm D
Measurement rate 10/30s, 1/10/12/15/30min, 1/3/6/12/24h
Storage rate 1/10/12/15/30min, 1/3/6/12/24h
Construction plastic housing
Operation life (battery) > 1 Year
Data storage 16 MB, 3,200,000 measured values
LC-Display size 90x64 mm
Weight approx. 250g
Included in delivery PC-Windows Software SmartGraph 3 for graphical and numerical
representation of measured values / instructions/ data cable/
battery/ WAGO connector / DIN rail bracket
Interface USB, LAN
bus interface RS 485
Power supply 4 x LR6 AA Mignon, USB, wall power supply
Max. operation temperature -20 -+50°C
Input voltage 0-1V
External temp/rh sensor probe - plastic housing - Model No. 8120-TFF
Air temperature Range Accuracy RH range -40 - 80° C ±0.1° C at 20° C, ±0.2°C at 40°C, otherwise ±0.5°C 0..100%
Accuracy ±2% r.H. (0 - 90% r.H.), ±3% r.H. (90 - 100% r.H.)
Absolute humidity range 0 - 300 g/m3
Dew point temp range -40 - 80° C
Specific enthalpy range 0 - 550 g/kg