Item No: 8371_UA01


Lufft weather sensor, Lufft Germany

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Product Description

Ultrasonic wind sensor / wind velocity / wind speed / wind direction/ acoustic virtual temperature

Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement of wind velocity and wind direction as well as calculation of acoustic virtual temperature.

The ultrasonic wind sensor is designed without mechanical parts as opposed to traditional “cups and vanes”.

Robust design and precise measurements allow for efficiency and accuracy of project control. Heated for use in cold weather climates.

Recommended for:

  • Meteorology
  • Building automation
  • Wind profile measurement
  • Small wind turbines

The following outputs/protocols are available:

  • NMEA
  • UMB
  • 4.. 20 mA, 0...10V, frequency (analog)
  • SDI12

Specifications and additional product information
Lufft V200A-UMB 8371.UA01
Dimensions Ø approx. 150mm, height approx. 200mm
Weight approx. 0.8kg
Wind direction
Principle Ultrasonic- 2.4 Ghz
Measuring range 0.1…359.9°
Resolution 0.1°
Accuracy <3° RMSE ab 1.0m/s
Response time 0.3m/s
Measuring rate 60 partial measurements/15 measurements per second
Measurement output rate 1-10 seconds adjustable– default 10s
Wind speed
Principle Ultrasonic- 2.4 Ghz
Measuring range 0…75m/s
Resolution 0.1m/s
Accuracy ±0.3m/s or 3% (0...35m/s) of reading, whichever is greater ±5% (> 35m/s) RMSE
Start-up Threshold 0.3m/s
Unit m/s; km/h; mph; kts
Virtual temperature
Principle Ultrasonic
Measuring range -58...+158°F (-50°C...+70°C)
Resolution 0.1 K
Accuracy ± 2.0K (without heater and without sun exposure)
Measuring rate 60 partial measurements/15 measurements per second
Measurement output rate 1-10 seconds adjustable – default 10 s
Air pressure
Principle MEMS Capacitive
Measuring range 300 … 1200 hPa
Accuracy ±0.5 hPa
Data output digital
Interface RS 485 semi-/full duplex, isolated
Baud rate 1200-57600
Measurement rate instant. value 1-10s
Measurement Avg (arithmetic, vector), Min, Max 1-10min
Status Heating, sensor failure
Data output analog only semi-duplex mode
output signal 4-20mA, 0...10V frequency (instantaneous, avg, min, max)
Load max. 300 Ohm
Resolution 16 bit
General Information
Operating temperature -40..+60°C (with heating)
Bus operation up to 32 devices
Operating voltage electronics 24 VDC ±10% or 24 VDC/1.2 VA
with heater 24 V DC, max. 30 VA
Connection 8 pole plug
Housing material Plastic
Protection IP65
Pole diameter 50 mm / 2"
factory certificate yes
Surge protection 8379.USP-V
Power supply 24V/10A 8366.USV2
RS485 to USB Cable 8160RS485USB
Connection cable Ventus/V200A, 15m incl. connector 8371.UK015
Connection cable Ventus/V200A, 50m incl. connector 8371.UK050
Connector Ventus/V200A 8371.UST1