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    Product Description

    CR Clarke CR45 Profile Cutter
    CR Clarke CR145 Profile Cutter/Router

    The trimming of vacuum formed moldings can be a laborious and skilled process, making it difficult in a teaching environment.

    The CR Clarke CR145 has been specifically developed for the trimming of moldings with a thickness of up to 3mm. The machine is fitted with an electric motor powering a small diameter (3.2mm) carbide slot drill. The cutter is fully covered by a spring-loaded guard, which also acts as a material clamp and a guide. The fence can be adjusted to either trim into the corner of a molding, or leave a small flange suitable for gluing or mounting. For larger flanges, an optional large diameter guide is also available.

    The cutting process generates a small amount of swarf, and we recommend that a vacuum cleaner is connected to the port in the work table of the machine to collect this.

    The design of the machine allows trimming from multiple faces, allowing items such as vehicle body shells with both bases and wheel arches to be fully trimmed quickly and accurately.

    Specifications and additional product information
    Voltage: 230V 50-60Hz
    Max Current: 2 Amps
    Max Material Thickness: 0.118 in / 3mm
    Cutting Speed: 2850 rev/min
    Cutting Tool: Carbide Slot Drill 0.125 in / 3.18mm
    Diameter Dimensions (Packed): 18 x  17 x 18 in / 460 x 440 x 460mm
    Weight (Bare Machine): 31 lbs  / 14kg
    Weight (Packed): 33 lbs / 15kg