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Product Description

CR Clarke Diamond Edge Polisher CR1550H

The CR Clarke CR1550H Diamond Edge Polishing machine converts thermoplastic sheet edges to a brightly polished surface in one operation.

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It can process plastic materials up to 50mm in thickness and unlimited length. The machine converts a sawn edge of material to a highly polished gloss. Alternative cutters are also available to produce a smooth satin finish.

Polishing is carried out by a cutter hub fitted with diamond tooling. The cutter hub is mounted onto a variable speed precision spindle which rotates at 12000 - 20000rpm.

The machine consists of a high-quality grinding spindle fitted with a balanced cutter hub with diamond tipped tooling.  Material to be polished is loaded onto the infeed track, and guided across the cutter by a self -adjusting belt feed system. The infeed and out feed tracks are fabricated into a single structure that is precisely machined and ground to ensure consistency over many years of operation.

While traversing across the cutter itself, our unique cutter cover ensures accurate alignment of the panel, even on short pieces. The 1550 can accommodate a maximum material thickness of 50mm, and thinner panels can be stacked for maximum output. The feed mechanism allows panels of any length to be processed, while for tall panels optional support rollers are available. The average transport speed is 0.8 – 1 metre per minute. The cutting process generates small chips of material, and these are extracted from beneath the cutter into an externally mounted extraction unit.

As with any Diamond Polishing machine, the cutter hub of the CR1550H will eventually lose its edge and the polish quality will deteriorate. We offer a service exchange system so that, when this happens, you simply contact us and we will send a replacement cutter hub with fresh tools. Once the cutter hub is swapped over the original hub it is returned to us for servicing ready for the next customer. Spare cutter hubs are available for high-volume users that need instant access to replacement cutters, and matt hubs are also available. These are ideal for finishing frosted materials and edges that require bonding.

The cutting process generates plastic swarf, which must be extracted from the machine using our CR Clarke 1525E Extraction Unit or similar. The CR Clarke CR1550H Diamond Edge Polisher is a floor mounted machine which will accommodate materials up to 55mm (2.125”) in thickness.

The infeed and outfeed tracks are a full 1117mm (44”) in length, enabling panel sizes of up to 2000mm (78”) to be polished with ease. Each pass over the cutter removes 0.75mm (0.030”) of material, removing any imperfections in a long sawn edge.

The CR Clarke CR1550H Diamond Edge Polisher is supplied complete with a 1525E Extraction Unit.

  • Top Plate construction. This is the heart of the machine. The top deck is made from flame cut steel profiles, that are welded together and then stress-relieved to ensure that the deck is stable. The deck is machined in one piece to ensure accuracy and trueness. Finally, the feed tracks themselves are ground to ensure parallelism and an accurate 0.75mm cut amount.
  • Cutter Cover. Our machines have a cover plate that goes over the cutter hub. This has two functions: It protects the cutter from objects falling into it. Although it is still possible to damage the tools, this is much better than a completely open cutter. It acts as a support for the material as it passes over the cutter hub. This improves finish consistency over the whole range of lengths, from short pieces to full lengths.
  • Extraction. Our machine was designed from the outset to use downdraft extraction. This ensures that the belts and top surfaces of the machine stay as clean as possible.
  • Variable speed on cutter and transport.
  • High-quality grinding spindle with belt drive and mains frequency motor. This is quieter and more reliable than a high-frequency motor.
  • Service Exchange Cutter Scheme. With our machines, the customer simply contacts us when their hub needs sharpening. We send a service exchange hub, and they return the used one once they are swapped over. There is a fixed cost for this service but it ensures there is no down time for the end-user.
Cleaning the filter video:

Specifications and additional product information
Voltage: 230V 50-60Hz
Max Current: 9 Amps
Maximum Material Thickness: 2.16 in  /  55mm (50mm + 10%)
Material Removed per Cut: 0.029 in  /  0.75mm
Dimensions: 94 x 23 x  36 in /  2380 x 580 x 920mm
Weight: 904 lbs / 410kg
Download the PDF brochure for more infoOperating Instructions (1.3 mb 28 pages)