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    Product Description

    Circular Sealer, Impulse and Constant Heat
    Contour Custom Double Shuffle Constant Heat and Impulse Heat Sealers (Circular Sealers)

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    • Customized Seal Diameter to fit your part
    • 1/4” Wide Seal
    • Continuous Seal Along the Perimeter of Product 
    • Single Heat Located on Upper Seal Die
    • Double Shuttle
    • Manual Shuttle with Linear Rails (Push in Push out Bottom Seal Die) (Pneumatic Optional)
    • Product Alignment Pins (Location T.B.D)
    • Product Push Down Fixture (Located on Upper Seal Die)
    • Independent Start Switch per Shuttle
    • Master On & Off Switch
    • Pressure Regulator
    • Pneumatically Operated (Typically 50-100 PSI)
    • Low Pressure Safety Descent (Safety Feature)
    • 3X Redundant Emergency Stop
    • Dual Push Start Switch on each Shuttle (Start Cycle)
    • 2” to 3” Clearance Between Upper and Lower Seal Dies
    • Clean Room Ready
    • Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame
    • Exhaust Port
    • Swivel Caster with leveling Pads
    • Spare Parts Includes- 1 set of PTFE Tape.
    • Full documentation including Parts List and Operating Instructions

    OPTIONS for Constant Heat Sealer:
    • Multiple spot seals within product perimeter
    • Pneumatic Dual Shuttle 
    • 3,000 BTU Water Chiller 
    • Indicator Tower Light
    OPTIONS for Impulse Heat Sealer:
    • Digital Heat and Cool Timers (.001 sec – 999.9 Hr) Increments of 10th of second
    • Option: Dual Heat Continuous Seal Along the Product Perimeter 
    • Option: Dual Heat Spot Seal along the Perimeter of the Product 
    • Option: Single Heat Water Cooled Add 
    • Option: Dual Heat Water Cooled Add 
    • Option: Dual Pneumatic Shuttle Add 
    • Option: 3,000 BTU Water Chiller 
    • Option: Indicator Tower Light 
    • 220 Volt Single Phase 60 Hz
    • Amps Max Operating (T.B.D)
    • Clean Dry Shop Air 80-120 PSI
    Shipment: Approximately 16-18 weeks from receipt of purchase order, Down Payment and resolution of all technical issues.

    Warranty: One Year Warranty on parts and all defects found with system. Warranty excludes labor and consumables.

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