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    Product Description

    Flow Regulators
    Smartflow® flow regulators provide a unique, leak-free, single-point manual flow control. This regulator incorporates the proven mechanical flowmeter and integral needle valve in a compact design. Its very few moving parts improve reliability and leak-free operation.

    Used singly or in combination with a water manifold, the flow regulator allows manual control of individual cooling water lines.

    Brass valve, EPDM o-rings, and polysulfone viewing window are compatible with most process liquids.

    Optional temperature gauge may be added for additional process control information. Brass quick-connect fittings are available.

    Compact size works well in restricted-space locations...

    Rugged construction gives years of dependable service...

    240°F (115°C) temperature rating allows installation into a wide range of applications and can be mounted in any position without brackets or hardware...

    Optional temperature gauge (displays additional process information).

    Codes for Model Numbers: (FR = Flow Regulator)
    Example: FR2-A-15

    Inlet size
    2 1/4" NPT (F)
    3 3/8" NPT (F)
    4 1/2" NPT (F)
    A Flow Regultor only (no accessories)
    B Thermometer
    E Thermometer and Quick Change Socket and Plug
    Flow Rate
    15 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute)
    25 2.5 gpm
    100 10 lpm (liters per minute)

    Flow Regulator with no accessories: Flow Regulator with Thermometer: Flow Regulator with Thermometer and
    Quick Change Socket and plug:
    FR2-A-15 FR2-B-15 FR2-E-15
    FR3-A-15 FR3-B-15 FR3-E-15
    FR4-A-15 FR4-B-15 FR4-E-15
    FR2-A-25 FR2-B-25 FR2-E-25
    FR3-A-25 FR3-B-25 FR3-E-25
    FR4-A-25 FR4-B-25 FR4-E-25
    FR2-A-100 FR2-B-100 FR2-E-100
    FR3-A-100 FR3-B-100 FR3-E-100
    FR4-A-100 FR4-B-100 FR4-E-100

    Specifications and additional product information
    Wetted Parts and Materials
    End Caps & Regulator Body Brass
    Flow Body Polysulfone
    Vane Glass-Filled Nylon
    Spring Stainless Steel
    O-Rings EPDM
    Cap Screws Stainless Steel
    Optional Quick-Connect Fittings Brass
    Flow Accuracy ±10% full scale
    Operating Temperature 240°F (115°C) max.
    Operating Pressure 150 psi (10.3 bar) max.
    Dial Thermometer 0° to 250°F (-20° to 120°C) ±2% accuracy (full scale)
    $131.00 - $200.00
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