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HSK200 230V

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Product Description

HSK200 230V

Due to its light weight and handiness, the insulated MINI-electronic is perfectly suited for plastics fitters and tank manufacturers.

The heat output of 1500 W 230 V is infinitely variable between 20 and 700 °C and is kept constant by an electronic control system. In addition, it is possible to adjust the required air flow by means of an additional rotary knob. The device requires an external air supply, such as a side channel blower, fan or compressor. We offer a mobile hand-held fan that is easy to carry and supplies the required air on construction sites and in the field.

If necessary, it is possible to equip the  gun with a threaded slip-on nozzle M 10. This slip-on nozzle permits the use of screw-on quick-weld nozzles, which are  used in plastics and tank construction due to their high degree of stability.

The  MINI-electronic can be equipped with numerous accessories for welding plastic plates, pipes, components and tanks. At construction sites and for use in the field, the  optional hand-held fan supplies the required air flow.

Specifications and additional product information
  • Voltage 230 V 50/60 Hz or 120 V 50/60 Hz
  • Heating power 1500 W 230 V or 1300 W 120 V.
  • Temperature 20-700 ° C, infinitely adjustable regulation electronics
  • Air requirement 80-250 liters / min.
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