ML Leveling and Shock Mounts


Product Description

ML Leveling and Shock Mounts

ML-Leveling and Shock Mounts

This classic style of machinery leveling mount is the most widely accepted and has been in use for over 40 years. The simplicity of up to 5/8" leveling with a single bolt per location while providing shock and vibration isolation solves many problems. Friction is developed by the neoprene element, eliminating the need for bolting to the floor. The mounting is locked to the machine leg so it travels to a new location with the machine. When production lines must be rearranged, this reduces downtime. Typical applications are punch presses, brakes, shears, lathes, milling machines, injection molding machines, etc.
  1.  Provide Friction and Eliminate the Need for Bolting to the Floor 
  2.  Travel with the Machine for ease of Relocation
  3. Provide a Means of Leveling up to 5/8"
  4. Reduce Impact to the Structure 
  5. Reduce Shock to the Machine Frame
  6. Lower Noise Levels by Reducing Noise Radiated from the Floor
  7. Reduce Worker Fatigue Last Indefinitely
Type & Size Capacity Range (lbs) Sheet Top Diameter (in) Height (in) Leveling Bolt Bolt Length
ML-3 100-500 3 ½ 1 1/8" ½" - 13
ML-5 500-1000 5 1 ¾ ½" - 13 5
ML-6 1000-4000 6 ¼ 1 ¾ ¾" - 10 5
ML-8 4000-12000 8 2 1" - 8 8

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