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    Product Description

    Abbeon Can Handle All of Your Custom Tank Fabrication Needs

    Click here to download our Custom Fabrication Worksheet. Please complete and return to Abbeon by email or
    Fax 805-966-7659 for a quote. You can also use our
    Contact Us page or call
    800-922-0977 to discuss your application and request a quote.

    We take pride in helping determine what will best fit your customers needs. Knowing whether a standardized tank off the shelf will work or if a custom, made-to-order plastic tank is needed can be tricky and time consuming. If a Polypropylene (PP) or Polyethylene (PE) Rotomolded Tank is what is needed, we have a wide variety that will surely fit your requirements.

    If size, shape or type of material pose restrictions on the type of tank required, our dedication to fabricating high quality tanks is well known. Whether you need us to fabricate using prints you provided or help you create prints, we are capable of fabricating any size or shape tank out of most thermoplastics. By purchasing a custom fabricated tank, you are no longer inhibited by a standardized tank's size and shape. You can literally have a tank designed and built to specifically fit your space requirements. See our link to download our custom fabrication worksheet above.

    We also provide:

    • Cylindrical Tanks
    • Rectangular Tanks
    • Horizontal Storage Tanks
    • Conical Bottom Tanks
    • Vertical Storage Tanks
    • Centrifugally Cast Tanks

    Download the article.Custom Fabrication Worksheet