Item No: TIME2110

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Product Description

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Time Group ultrasonic thickness gauges measure the thickness of ultrasonic wave well-conductive materials with parallel top and bottom surfaces. It measures the thickness of both metal (steel, aluminum, titanium, etc.) and nonmetal (plastics, ceramics, glass, etc.) parts. They are commonly used to measure (remaining) wall thickness of pipes and pressure vessels.

The display is mm/inch selectable. Automatic calibration. Built-in test block.

 TIME2110 can be used in, but not limited to the following industries:

  • Machine tool industry
  • Car spare parts, forklift truck and engine industry
  • Aviation and space industry
  • Universities and institutes
  • Spare parts of spinning-machine: gauze-leading wheel and all kinds of core-shafts
  • Printing machines & material, plate-making machine (PS printing plate), aluminum foil
  • Hydraulic instruments and pressure vessels
  • Pottery products • Petroleum machine and parts
  • Machines for food, oil and beer
  • Machines of light industry
  • Papermaking machines
  • Close casting, forging
  • Steel and powder metallurgy industry
  • Electronic instruments, electric control equipments, communication equipments
  • Manufacturing of motors
  • Manufacturing of batteries
  • Machines in pharmaceutical industry.
Standard accessories: Calibration certificate, Main unit, Probe 5P Ø 10, 2×1.5V AA batteries, Instruction manual 2oz coupling paste, Carrying case.

Optional accessories: Probe 5P Ø 10/90º for low clearance, Probe SZ2.5P for thick rough parts, Probe 7P Ø 6 for thin parts, Coupling paste. Optional Probes ($95.00 each - FOB NJ)

5MHz and 7MHz probes

10, 6 and 10 mm probes

Probes Frequency Measuring
area Φ
Min pipe
Characteristic FOB
TT5P10 5 MHz 1.2-225mm 12mm Φ20x3mm Standard Straight $95
TT5P1090 5 MHz 1.2-225mm 12mm Φ20x4mm Optional 90° Head $95
TTSZ25P 2.5 MHz 3-300mm 14mm ~ Thick Surface/
Rough Surface
TT7P6 7 MHz 0.75-60mm 7.5mm Φ15x2mm Thin Material $95

Specifications and additional product information
Display resolution:  0.1mm / 0.001 inch
Material velocity range: 1000-9999 meters/second (0.039-0.3937 in/μs)
Preset sound velocities: 5 materials
Tolerance: ±(1%H+0.1) mm, H=actual thickness
Memory: 10 readings
Low battery indicator
Operating temperature: -10º to 60ºC
Power source: 2×1.5V AA batteries, 250 working hrs
Weight: 250g (including batteries)
Dimensions 126×68×23mm (5×2.7×0.9 inch)