Item No: TTSW1000


Product Description

The model TTSW-1000 welds most plastics with circular mating surfaces up to 4” in diameter. This precise and reliable servo driven spin welder is programmable via a simple touch screen. Constructed of lightweight and rigid aluminum, this compact, bench-top unit is ready for the workshop or factory floor.

For assemblies with circular mating surfaces, Spin Welding is a must. During the spin welding cycle, one part is spun against its fixed mating part to produce frictional heat at the joint interface. This method prevents the need for conventional adhesives and mechanical fasteners to provide for a truly environmentally friendly process.


Spin Welding is ideal for cylindrical or spherical assemblies, and can produce a bond stronger than the parent material with hermetic seals possible for most thermoplastics, including engineered resins. Filter and resin cartridges, twin-wall drinking cups and spools are just a few of the applications well suited to Spin Welding, but the process has wide ranging capabilities.


Along with traditional pneumatic configurations, our servo-driven spin welders ensure the mating parts are aligned to +/- 1 degree and to just a few thousandths of an inch of desired closure dimension. This may be critical if the mating part features, such as ports or dial indications, must be in precise relationship after assembly.

Joint Design & Tooling:

We've designed and built spin welders and unique tooling for parts ranging from 10mm to greater than 12” in diameter. You need not guess about joint design, torque requirements, tooling configuration, or weld parameters that best suit the application. We will work with you to understand the requirements of the assembly and advise you on the most efficient and cost effective method to achieve those goals.


  • Weld by time or number of revolutions, with programmable speed, orientation and hold time.
  • Adjustable height, stroke speed, and dampener/positive stop 
  • Touch screen interface, ergonomic dual button start with emergency stop 
OPTIONS: Available in horizontal or vertical orientations – call for pricing. Upper tool part vacuum – call for pricing.
*Spin weld tooling for your application quoted on request*


Specifications and additional product information
Power Requirements: 220 VAC 50/60Hz Maximum force: 200lbs. @ 100psi
Current draw @ full rated output: 15 amps Maximum RPMs: 3000 RPMs
Pneumatic Requirements: Maximum Torque: 130in/lbs.
Aircylinder: clean, dry air @ 80-100psi Maximum Opening: 20”
Footprint: 40” x 38” x 18” Maximum Throat Depth: 6.5”
Weight: 200 lbs. Maximum Part Diameter: 4”