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    Automatic Complete Feeder and Cutting System

    Product Description

    Automatic Complete Feeder and Cutting System
    Automatic Feeder and Pneumatic Compression Cutter

    The Automatic Feeder and Cut complete system begins with an accurate, pneumatic compression hold down which cuts in both directions. The pneumatic cutting system includes a control box and the safety guards. The safety guards enclose the cutter for safe operation. A double hold-down is added to hold the material in place while the cut is being made. Your material is automatically fed into position by the Feeder Module. The feeder is a pinch roller system with adjustable speed controls. It can handle rolls up to 200 lbs. and a brake is added to the core shaft.

    The system can feed approximately seven 24" pieces per minute, 420 per hour, and 3,360 per 8-hour shift at half speed. The electronics supplied with the system consist of a box with the programmable logic controller, drive controller, relays, and pneumatic valves necessary to operate the unit. A separate console contains the 5.7" touch screen.

    This machine processes a wide range of materials including: Bubble wrap (up to 1/2") • Burlap • Carbon Fiber • Cardboard • Carpet • Cloth • Cohesive • Corrugated (single faced, double faced) • Felt • Fiberglass • Films • Filter Media • Foams (Open and Closed Cell) • Foils • Head Liner • Leather • Paper • Polyethylene • Polyester • Polypropylene • PVC • Rubber • Spun Bond Polyester • Spun Bond Polypropylene • Tyvek • Vinyl, as well as other natural and synthetic woven and non woven materials.

    The touch screen has color-coded backgrounds and large easy-to-use buttons for quick and simple operation. The console rotates for ease of operation and operator access. Controls are selectable for inch & centimeter measurement along with English and Spanish language capabilities.

    6 to 8 week lead time.

    FOB IL