Die-Cut Automatic Shape Cutter


Product Description

Die-Cut Automatic Shape Cutter
When you need to cut different shapes of Velcro, THIS is the Machine.

It works like a strip cutter and can be set for different lengths. The great advantage is it also cuts hook & loop, leather & thin plastics with a die available in many shape options. Should you require a shape not shown we can fabricate the dies to your specifications up to 2" width of any shape.

Machine price includes one standard die shape from selection below.  Please include die number in the comments with your order.

Each additional Die is $850.00. Request a quote for custom die.

Call us today for your specific requirements.

Specifications and additional product information
Power 120V
Cutting Width 2 inches
Tolerance 0.05% of Total Cut
Scale Inches or millimeters
Dimensions 20" x 18" x 18"