Product Description

Evolution & Evolution-E2 Precision Cutter

5-Year general warranty on all parts (except blades) and a 20-year warranty on the bearings used in the cutting head.

The new Evolution-E2 precision cutter is an integrated wide format cutting system designed to revolutionize the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishing process. Intended to fit any bench. The Evolution-E2 boasts an outstanding .008" guaranteed straightness. It is equipped with a new two-way cutting head & quick-fit accessory options making it ideal for left-handed or right-handed operators.

The integral lift and hold mechanism of the Evolution & Evolution-E2, operable from either end, ensures consistent straightness even under flex, while the swing-over and under-bench stowaway facility provides maximum working convenience and space efficiency. The built-in textile cutting track and textile cutting attachment (included) add the final refinements to the most versatile, accurate and simple to use wide format cutting system ever. Available are five practical cut sizes from 64" to 144", the Evolution-E2 has been created to handle the output of every size and type of roll feed or flatbed printer. Using a Graphik utility blade, it cuts materials as diverse as flag, banner, card, PVC board, and Foamcore up to 1/2" thick. The new cutting head design provides bi-directional cutting with easy interchangeable cutting tools. Flip-over stops on both sides adds horizontal clamping to increase accuracy, prevent slips and reduce cutting time.

Designed to mount onto your existing table or with the optional Proteus Work Bench.

Outstanding features of the Evolution and Evolution2:
Feature 1
  • Single handed positioning, cutting and clamping.
  • Heavy duty cutter bar clamps materials securely.
  • Adjustable levelers ensure straight and accurate cuts to within .008" over the entire length of the cut.
Feature 2
  • Flip over the cutter bar for full unobstructed bench surface.
  • Multiple silicone grip strips hold material safely and securely.
  • Evolution- E2 has flip-over stops on both sides adding horizontal clamping to increase accuracy, prevent slips and reduce cutting time.
  • Full length lift and hold from either end for easy loading and positioning.
Feature 4
  • Two cutting tracks for general purpose cutting and textile cutting.
  • Using a Graphik utility blade, it cuts everything from inkjet media and vinyl, to rigid substrates like Sintra® and Foam Board up to 1/2" thick.
  • Includes 25 Graphik utility blades.
  • All new quick-fit accessory options & sliding blade depth adjustment.
  • Reversible blades make the Evolution-E2 ideal for left or right handed operators and for bi-directional cutting.
  • Evolution-E2 features an attachable 45mm Fabric Cutting Wheel.
  • Cuts Fabric and thin films on the textile cutting track.
  • 5-year general warranty
  • 20 year free warranty on all bearings

Specifications and additional product information

Evolution Dimensions
60386 60387 60388 60389 60390
A inches 64 84 104 124 144
B inches 76 96 115.5 135 154.75
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GridItemIDItem NoItem InformationPriceOrder Qty
242960386Evolution 2 - 64-inch; 76-inch L x 10-1/4-inch W
243060387Evolution 2 - 84inch 96inch L x 10-1/4-inch W
243160388Evolution 2 - 104-inch; 115-1/2-inch L x 10-1/4-inch W
243260389Evolution E2 124in Precision Cutter
243360390Evolution 2 - 144-inch; 154-3/4-inch L x 10-1/4-inch W
244569131Graphik Blades (100) for Precision Cutting Bar
242660195Replacement Textile Cutting Strips, Set of 2
244669132OLFA 45mm Circular Textile Blade (10 pack)
243460397Rotary Blade Holder 45mm
2408KX12Yellow T Silicone cord Pk 39ft Under Clamp Bar
2409KX14Yellow Round Silicone cord Pk 39ft on Cutter Base
348060399AZ Heat Knife Carrier
243769108Medium Duty Utility Blades (100)
244069119Heavy Duty .080 Blades (100)
623960395Vertical Med Duty Blade Holder for 69108 / 69119 Blades
624060396Vertical Graphik Blade Holder for 69131 blades