Product Description

Steel Trak Cutter
SteelTrak vertical cutter cuts even the thickest materials— up to 5mm Dibond flawlessly. Cuts up to 13mm PVC Foam Board, Foam Center Board, Corrugated Plastics, Glass, Acrylic and much more…

Designed for the sign making and the graphics industry, every tool cuts on the same line. No mistakes, no special operator knowledge, no color coded production stops— just superior signs that are easy to produce accurately.

No extras to buy. All four tools are permanently attached to the cutting head. Just turn the wheel and each tool is ready to use in a second.

Outstanding features of the incomparable SteelTraK:

  • Four Turn-and-lock ready mounted tools for instant action
  • All four blades cut on the same line
  • Full length extra-grip clamping system
  • Integral counterbalance
  • 5-year general warranty on all parts (except blades, clamping strips and cutting wheels)
  • 20-year warranty on the bearings used in the cutting head

Feature 1
  • Four Turn-and-Lock ready mounted tools for instant action
  • No extras to buy.  All four cutting tools are permanently attached to the cutting head.  Just turn the wheel and each tool is ready to use in a second.

    -Utility Blade for 1/2" thick materials
    -Acrylic Scoring Blade
    -Glass Scoring Wheel
    -Composite Twin Wheel Cutting Head for cutting up to 5mm Dibond, 3mm MDF & 3mm Flexible Polycarbonate.
Feature 2
  • Pre-lubricated ball bearings on steel slide tracks for precision, low friction and years of trouble-free life without adjustment.
    Universal four-tool cutting head with automatic blade disengagement at the end of cut.
  • Fully equipped and ready for work with 100 blades included.
  • Accepts standard utility blades.
  • Transparent cutline cursor - renewable - fixed - ultra precise - no laser shake - no doubt and no wasted panels.
Feature 4
  • Telescopic legs adjust for height & minimum fatigue.
  • Precise screw adjusted perma-lock squaring.
  • Accurately cut panels every time.
    Optional V-Groove Cutting Tool enables the folding of Aluminum Composite, PVC Board and Corrugated Plastic.
  • Cuts smoothly & silently without debris, noise or burred edges.
  • Removes exactly the correct amount from one side of the sheet material.
    Optional Free Standing Kit available to use the SteelTraK anywhere in the workshop.
  • SteelTraK comes with a Wall Mounting Kit.
  • Optional Aluminum Twin Wheel Cutting Tool can cut up to .063" Aluminum.

Features also Include:
  • Fitted counterbalance keeps the multi-tool sliding head stationary until you move it.
  • Full length extra-grip clamping system.
  • Extruded aluminum back beams offer firm support for sheets large & small.
  • Steel & Aluminum vertical cutting beam will never come out of square.
  • Materials load easily from the right side and lock securely into place.
  • Two Flip Stops make cutting to size easy. Flip stops can be engaged or disengaged without disturbing the settings.
  • Designed specifically for the sign and display industries.
  • Precise vertical and horizontal scales (Imperial & Metric).
  • Optional V-Groove Cutting Tool for folding Aluminum Composite, Sintra and PVC board.

Specifications and additional product information
SteelTrak Dimensions
60380 60385
Cut length inches 65 82
A inches 98 110
B inches 84.5 84.5
C inches 12 16
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GridItemIDItem NoItem InformationPriceOrder Qty
24276038065-inch Cut Length Steel Trak- 98-inch H x 84-inch W x 12-16-inch D
24286038582-inch Cut Length Steel Trak- 110-inch H x 84-inch W x 12-16-inch D
244269127Aluminum Twin Wheel Head
244169126Composite Twin Wheels Only
244369128Aluminum Twin Wheels Only
244469129Glass Cutting Kit
243566002Free Standing Kit for #60380
243769108Medium Duty Utility Blades (100)
244069119Heavy Duty .080 Blades (100)
243869114Tungsten Carbide Glass Wheel
243969117Site Line Strips (3)
2447691422mm V-Groove Cutting Tool
2448691433mm V-Groove Cutting Tool
2449691444mm V-Groove Cutting Tool
2450691466mm V-Groove Cutting Tool
245169147V-Groove Replacement Blade
243666003Free Standing Kit for #60385