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    Ecoflow Fume Hood

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    Product Description

    Ecoflow Fume Hood

    The EcoFlow Fume Hood is compact, lightweight and cost effective for uses requiring light to medium duty fume hoods.

    The EcoFlow Fume Hood offered in 24", 30", 36", 48" wide models. They are an economical solution for laboratories where space is limited. The hood size makes it ideal for additional hood space applications and student workstations. Because of the reduced size, this hood requires less exhaust air to be drawn from the lab.
    • Ideal for Laboratories with limited space
    • Durable one-piece fiberglass construction, completely molded of durable chemical resistant and fire retardant fiberglass
    • Fully adjustable sliding sash, the sash is made of 3/16" thick shatterproof plexiglas
    • A full selection of accessories and components are available
    • Shipped completely assembled and equipped, ready for operation
    • Work surface include

    Specifications and additional product information
    Specifications All 36" Height
    24"W 30"W 36"W 48"W
    EcoFlow Fume Hood with Vapor Proof Light - comes with composite resin worksurface switch and 8'3 wire cord. All electrical services are U.L. and C.S.A. approved.
    Shipped completely assembled
    HM92001 HM93001 HM90301 HM90401
    EcoFlow Fume Hood with vapor proof light and exhaust blower, same as above except equipped with built in 115V 60Hz blower with polypro impeller wheel. HM92002 HM93002 HM90302 HM90402
    Fume Hood Safety Panel, inserted under the sash to protect operator from hazards from within the fume chamber HM92015 HM93015 HM90315 HM90415

    GridItemIDItem NoItem InformationPriceOrder Qty
    2010HM9200124-inch Universal Fume Hood
    2012HM9300130-inch Universal Fume Hood
    2007HM9030136-inch Universal Fume Hood
    2009HM9040148-inch Universal Fume Hood
    2011HM9200224-inch Universal Fume Hood with Blower
    2013HM9300230-inch Universal Fume Hood with Blower
    2008HM9030236-inch Universal Fume Hood with Blower
    6217HM9040248-inch Universal Fume Hood with Blower