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    • Heat Plate Fusion Welders
      These quality heating plates are anti-adhesive coated. They feature built-in electronic controls and the handle incorporates an interval control and on/off switch. Each is fitted with a work bench holder and ...
      Super Duty Electric Round Knife Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for ...
      Our Price: $1,915.00
      $1,915.00      $1,953.30
    • Forsthoff Oval Q Hot Air Tool
      NEW OVAL-Q HOT AIR WELDER FORSTHOFF’s experience of 40 years in hot air welder manufacturing is presented in this new ...
      Our Price: $395.00 - $450.00
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    • Extension Cords and GFCI Cable
      100 foot Hot Air Welding Cord: 100' 10/3 STW Water Resistant (Blue) 30A 220V Roofing Extension Cord. L630P & L630C Locking 30A 220V connectors. For use on most ...
    • TSN Torque Wrench with slip function
      Pre-set ratchet head torque wrench with automatic actuation and slip function. Slip-through function guarantees controlled and safe screw ...
    • Torque Screwdriver
      Torque screwdriver, serial manufacture with constant tightening valve, pre-set torque without a scale. Used in Solar industry. PGNE FS Model: EPA conformant (Electrostatic protected area) for use in sensitive ...
    • ME905 Portable Tripod Mast
      The model 905 Tripod Mast is a lightweight collapsible tripod mast designed for rapid deployment and retrieval. It can be easily transported and erected by a single person. It is intended to support a complement ...
      Our Price: $693.00
      $693.00      $706.86
    • Manual Feed and Auto-Cut Dispensing System
      MFAC is designed to dispense and cut a wide range of materials and comes in a number of sizes to accommodate the different widths. The MFAC is a small programmable length cutting system, which is fed manually ...
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    • HEATWORX Gloves, Reinforced (Thermal) Heat Resistant
      HEATWORX® Reinforced Gloves for fabrication, metal working manufacturing assembly, Hi-Temp automative work and welding. Hotshield® palm technology combines high dexterity with heat, cut, abrasion and ...
    • TABANAC with MP1734CH solid blade
      Safety knife with a metal loader of five 9mm long blades without precuts, with sharp or rounded edges. Model MP165173 Tabanac ...
      Our Price: $12.00
      $12.00      $12.24
    • VENTO-G BRUSHLESS 230v, 3400w
      The powerful service-friendly hot air blower for trade and industry.  ...
      Our Price: $850.00
      $850.00      $867.00
    • Power Tech Temporary Power Distribution Box
      Power Tech ® Temporary Power Distribution Box These 'Spider Boxes' are used for all types of general construction, ...
      Our Price: $463.00
      $463.00      $472.26
    • Stainless Hand Sealer w/ Cutter 16 inch
      This NEW impulse hand sealer is easy to clean and maintain. It has a stainless cover, and is waterproof, suitable for seafood and any water packaging. ...
      Our Price: $275.00
      $275.00      $280.50
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