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      Super Duty Electric Round Knife Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for ...
      Our Price: $1,915.00
      $1,915.00      $1,953.30
    • Extension Cords and GFCI Cable
      100 foot Hot Air Welding Cord: 100' 10/3 STW Water Resistant (Blue) 30A 220V Roofing Extension Cord. L630P & L630C Locking 30A 220V connectors. For use on most ...
    • TSN Torque Wrench with slip function
      Pre-set ratchet head torque wrench with automatic actuation and slip function. Slip-through function guarantees controlled and safe screw ...
    • Torque Screwdriver
      Torque screwdriver, serial manufacture with constant tightening valve, pre-set torque without a scale. Used in Solar industry. PGNE FS Model: EPA conformant (Electrostatic protected area) for use in sensitive ...
    • ME905 Portable Tripod Mast
      The model 905 Tripod Mast is a lightweight collapsible tripod mast designed for rapid deployment and retrieval. It can be easily transported and erected by a single person. It is intended to support a complement ...
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    • Manual Feed and Auto-Cut Dispensing System
      MFAC is designed to dispense and cut a wide range of materials and comes in a number of sizes to accommodate the different widths. The MFAC is a small programmable length cutting system, which is fed manually ...
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    • HEATWORX Gloves, Reinforced (Thermal) Heat Resistant
      HEATWORX® Reinforced Gloves for fabrication, metal working manufacturing assembly, Hi-Temp automative work and welding. Hotshield® palm technology combines high dexterity with heat, cut, abrasion and ...
    • TABANAC with MP1734CH solid blade
      Safety knife with a metal loader of five 9mm long blades without precuts, with sharp or rounded edges. Model MP165173 Tabanac ...
      Our Price: $12.00
      $12.00      $12.24
    • MAK-18 230V Munsch Extrusion Welder
      Autoair hand extruders are used in shop and field welding applications. The on-board brushless hot air blower makes the unit independent of an external air source. No additional air ...
      Our Price: $6,106.00
      $6,106.00      $6,228.12
    • Heat Plate Fusion Welders
      These quality heating plates are anti-adhesive coated. They feature built-in electronic controls and the handle incorporates an interval control and on/off switch. Each is fitted with a work bench holder and ...
    • VENTO-G BRUSHLESS 230v, 3400w
      The powerful service-friendly hot air blower for trade and industry.  ...
      Our Price: $850.00
      $850.00      $867.00
    • Power Tech Temporary Power Distribution Box
      Power Tech ® Temporary Power Distribution Box These 'Spider Boxes' are used for all types of general construction, ...
      Our Price: $463.00
      $463.00      $472.26
    • Automatic Complete Feeder and Cutting System
      Automatic Feeder and Pneumatic Compression Cutter. The 80' and 100' complete systems begin with an accurate, pneumatic compression hold down which cuts in both directions. The pneumatic cutting system includes ...
    • Stainless Hand Sealer w/ Cutter 16 inch
      This NEW impulse hand sealer is easy to clean and maintain. It has a stainless cover, and is waterproof, suitable for seafood and any water packaging. ...
      Our Price: $275.00
      $275.00      $280.50
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