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    • Forsthoff Oval-Q Hot Air Tool
      NEW OVAL-Q HOT AIR WELDER FORSTHOFF’s experience of 40 years in hot air welder manufacturing is presented in this new ...
      Our Price: $395.00 - $450.00
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    • Heat Plate Fusion Welders
      These quality heating plates are anti-adhesive coated. They feature built-in electronic controls and the handle incorporates an interval control and on/off switch. Each is fitted with a work bench holder and ...
    • TSN Torque Wrench with slip function
      Pre-set ratchet head torque wrench with automatic actuation and slip function. Slip-through function guarantees controlled and safe screw ...
    • Torque Screwdriver
      Torque screwdriver, serial manufacture with constant tightening valve, pre-set torque without a scale. Used in Solar industry. PGNE FS Model: EPA conformant (Electrostatic protected area) for use in sensitive ...
    • Torcofix High Torque Adjustable Wrenches
      Robust torque wrench with square drive and integrated ratchet-head function for controlled bi-directional tightening. Used in the solar industry. Innovative and useful features: ...
    • Rotary Ultrasonic Machine
      Rotary Ultrasonic Machine Applications: Non-woven materials, technical textiles, automotive interiors, geo textiles, ...
      Our Price: $16,980.00
      $16,980.00      $17,319.60
    • Heavy Duty HEPA Industrial Vacuum
      Heavy Duty HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) compressed air operated vacuum! A rugged high capacity HEPA quality vacuum for dusty ...
    • Thermoforming Center CR911
      Thermoforming Center CR911 The CR911 provides six thermoforming ...
      Our Price: $17,883.00
      $17,883.00      $18,240.66
    • CR25 Injection Molding Machine
      The CR25 is ideal for both education and small-batch industrial production, providing a clear demonstration of injection molding principles while producing high quality moldings. A mold is fitted ...
      Our Price: $3,380.00
      $3,380.00      $3,447.60
    • Stainless Hand Sealer w/ Cutter 16 inch
      This NEW impulse hand sealer is easy to clean and maintain. It has a stainless cover, and is waterproof, suitable for seafood and any water packaging. ...
      Our Price: $275.00
      $275.00      $280.50
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