80 Abbeon Cal, Inc. 1363 Donlon Street Unit 1, Ventura CA 93003 Catalog 119P With curved cutting edge and thick blade, this high temperature blade is suitable for long cuts under pressure. T 013/70 and T 013/115 blades are for use with ZETZ-24/25 only. Grooving blade (for use with Cutting Sling) For quick cutting of grooves and flutes in foam materials made of PE, PS, PU. The P-150 allows the AZTC-20 and ZETZ-24 to be used as a Thermogroover. See "Thermo- groover" for the reshaped blades to go with it. With rounded edge to glide along cutting sur- face, heat seals the edges to prevent fraying of synthetic fibers and textiles. Cutting Sling T150-2P consists of adjustable arms plus Blade No. T 151 which can be reshaped once. Applications: for rounded, angular, concave and other shaped cuts. Shap- ing interior spaces, cutting hollows into foam materials such as PE, PS, PU, etc. For use with ZETZ-24/25 only With evenly heated cutting edge and 50 mm cutting length up to 120 mm, this thick blade is suitable for thermoplastics with low melting points such as foam polyethylene, polystyrene, polyurethane. Gives a clean cut which allows seamless joining of material in subsequent sealing or gluing operations. Good for cutting profile gaskets of PVC and Neoprene rubber for windows and door frames without crushing the material and roof and wall insulation boards up to 120 mm thickness. No gap, no cold bridge. T 08/75 and up are for use on ZETZ-24/25 only. Blades are designed for rapid heating to maximum temperature. The entire cutting edge must be used in the material to obtain full benefit of the heat and to maximize cutting efficiency. Blades are available in 5 cutting lengths and should be chosen according to thickness of material. AZ 106 No.T06 0.6 mm 3 mm $ 1420 /ea No.T06-2-0 2.0 mm 3 mm $ 2775 /ea No. T10 1.0 mm 10 mm $ 2475 /ea No. T15 1.0 mm 15 mm $ 2475 /ea No. T20 1.0 mm 20 mm $ 2475 /ea No. T25 1.0 mm 25 mm $ 2475 /ea No. T30 1.0 mm 30 mm $ 2475 /ea Cutting Sling No. T150-2P $ 6150 /ea No. T151P .05 mm Pkg of 10/ $ 42 Blade Length: 15 cm No. AZ106 Pkg of 20/$ 28 Cutting Width: 16-22 mm Cutting Depth: 16 mm Adapter No. P150 $ 6150 /ea No. T013-45 0.8 mm 45 mm $ 2990 /ea No. T013-70 1.0 mm 70 mm $ 2990 /ea No. T013-70-1.5 1.5 mm 70 mm $ 5500 /ea No. T013-70-2.0 2.0 mm 70 mm $ 6050 /ea No. T013-115 1.0 mm 115 mm $ 3895 /ea No. T08-50 0.8 mm 50 mm $ 2230 /ea No. T08-75 0.8 mm 75 mm $ 2350 /ea No. T08-100 0.8 mm 100 mm $ 2560 /ea No. T08-120 0.8 mm 120 mm $ 2630 /ea Uses Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length Price Stainless Steel version for longer blade life: No.T013-45SS 0.8 mm 45 mm $ 3900 /ea