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AZTC-20 Compact Thermocutter

New Lightweight Design! Features an electrically heated blade designed for cutting all thermoplastics easily and effortlessly. Cuts through material up to 5 inches thick, depending on density.

Cut and Roll cloth, natural and synthetic fibers: Paper, Plastic, Vinyl, Packing Foam, Bubble, or Fiberglass into sized, functional pieces of material with no waste.

Versatile and economical air and water tight sealing for packaging using coated paper, plastic films, laminated foils, polyethylene or cellophane of tubes, odd and oversized packages.

Seal a variety of products from lightweight polyethylene to metalized barrier, leakproof seals for oxygen or moisture sensitive materials. Heat timed, cool timed, non-particle-generating, digitally controlled and other options available.

Rugged, portable, and precise parts counting, percent weighing, totaling display hold, specific gravity.

Part cleaning, chip removal, part drying, liquid blowoff, part cooling, material conveying, part ejection, fiber conveying, and air assist applications.

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Measure temperature, humidity, maximums, minimums, averages, dewpoint, absolute humidity.


A variety of modules with virtually any type of sensor for measuring values such as temperature, humidity, pH, dissolved oxygen, gases, wind, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, etc.