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    Plastic Welding: Plastic Welders and Hot Air Tools

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    ABS Weld Rod
    Our Price: $62.00-$329.00
    From  $62.00$63.24
    Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Available in White, Black or Natural in 1/8' (3mm), 5/32 (4mm), and 3/16' 
    HDPE Weld Rod
    Our Price: $39.00-$188.00
    From  $39.00$39.78
    High Density Polyethylene. Available in 1/8' (3mm), 5/32' (4mm) and 3/16' (5mm), in Natural, Black, or 
    PVDF Weld Rod
    Our Price: $341.00-$1,713.00
    From  $341.00$347.82
    Polyvinylidene Fluoride. Available in 1/8' (3mm), 5/32' (4mm) and 3/16' (5mm), in  
    Forsthoff Oval-Q Hot Air Tool
    Our Price: $395.00-$450.00
    From  $395.00$402.90
    NEW OVAL-Q HOT AIR WELDER FORSTHOFF’s experience of 40 years in hot air welder manufacturing is presented in this new 
    Hot Air Welding Kits
    General Repairs Kit, Roofing Kit, Flooring / Decking Kit, and Mini-E Plastic Welding Kit to choose 
    Tube-Q Hot Air Tool
    Our Price: $300.00
    From  $300.00$306.00
    Clearance Item, Now only $300.00 (1650W 120V model only). With tube handle design and double turbine system for even more air flow. Using the  
    Drader Injectiweld
    Drader Injectiweld uses heat from the welding tip to pre-plasticize the welding surface of the thermoplastic. Molten plastic is immediately injected sub-surfacely under pressure, into the weld area to fuse 
    Mini HSK10 Extrusion Welder with Case
    Compact Hand welding extruder for PE, PP, PVC and 
    HSK10DI120 Digital Mini Extrusion Welder with Case
    Our Price: $4,953.00
    From  $4,953.00$5,052.06
    The HSK10DI120 features a NEW Brushless digital readout pre-heater for more accurate temperature control. BASIC EXTRUDER Extrusion welding from PEHD, PP,  
    FORSTHOFF-P2 Overlap Welder
    The efficient, maneuverable automatic hot air welding machine! The FORSTHOFF-P2 has been put to effective use in the tent, tarpaulin, advertising banner and industrial fabrics industries. Forsthoff has 
    Extension Cords and GFCI Cable
    100 foot Hot Air Welding Cord: 100' 10/3 STW Water Resistant (Blue) 30A 220V Roofing Extension Cord. L630P & L630C Locking 30A 220V connectors. For use on most 
    FORSTHOFF-F Automatic Floor Welding Machine
    The optimum automatic welding machine for floor layers . The automatic welding machine FORSTHOFF-F can be used to weld PVC floor coverings and to  
    Socket Fusion Pipe Welder
    The fusion welders are electric tubular heaters cast in aluminum mounted on a clampable base and they come with a control box which regulates the electric power thereby controlling the temperature. A mounting 
    Sheet Butt Fusion Welding Machine
    Manually Handled - Welding Machine with Optional Pneumatic Clamping Beams and L-welding unit Please a 
    Heat Plate Fusion Welders
    These quality heating plates are anti-adhesive coated. They feature built-in electronic controls and the handle incorporates an interval control and on/off switch. Each is fitted with a work bench holder and