Plastic Welding: Plastic Welders and Hot Air Tools

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General Repairs Kit, Roofing Kit, Flooring / Decking Kit, and Mini-E Plastic Welding Kit to choose 
NEW OVAL-Q HOT AIR WELDER FORSTHOFF’s experience of 40 years in hot air welder manufacturing is presented in this new line. The NEW Oval-Q welder is characterized by its slight lean oval 
Ideal for plastic fabricators and tank manufacturers because of its light weight and ease of use. The totally insulated Mini-Electronic hot air welder has a heating capacity of 1300 Watts, 120 V. The heat  
Welds, Spot Welds, Stakes, and 
The X-Press easily handles significantly larger part size and force requirements and delivers consistent reliability for every application. Built-in microprocessor with easy-access front-panel keypad 
Our Price: $16,980.00
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Rotary Ultrasonic Machine, 20 KHZ Applications: Non-woven materials, technical textiles, automotive interiors, geo textiles, sports wear, gloves, table cloths, disposable medical gowns, non-woven masks,  
The fusion welders are electric tubular heaters cast in aluminum mounted on a clampable base and they come with a control box which regulates the electric power thereby controlling the temperature. A mounting 
Manually Handled - Welding Machine with Optional Pneumatic Clamping Beams and L-welding unit Please Contact us  for a quote and more information or call  (800-922-0977). The manual 
These quality heating plates are anti-adhesive coated. They feature built-in electronic controls and the handle incorporates an interval control and on/off switch. Each is fitted with a work bench holder and  
Drader Injectiweld uses heat from the welding tip to pre-plasticize the welding surface of the thermoplastic. Molten plastic is immediately injected sub-surfacely under pressure, into the weld area to fuse 
Compact Hand welding extruder for PE, PP, PVC and 
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The HSK10DI120 features a NEW Brushless digital readout pre-heater for more accurate temperature control. BASIC EXTRUDER Extrusion welding from PEHD, PP, PVC Patented temperature probe, located in the  
T20007 Blank Tips 5¼' length, semi-finish tips used to design your own welding tip. T20008 Prototyping Tip 2' long. Used for prototyping and repairs where small welds are required. T20010 Repair 
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Locate bad welds or pin holes easily! Fast! Convenient! Affordable! Coating/Lining Leak Detection • Tank Lining Manufacturers • Maintenance Departments • Packaging Industries • Neon 
Accessory Electrodes for Spark Tester. Testing tips for tank lining, curved or straight linings, and flat