• ZETZ-24 Thermocutter Hot Knife
    (ZETZ-24 Hot Knife Control Unit with Insulated Handle) These hot knife Thermocutters (hot knife cutter) feature an electrically (110V) heated blade designed for cutting all thermoplastics easily and ...
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  • AZTC20 Compact Thermocutter Hot Knife
    Weighs only 11½ oz. • Features an electrically heated blade • For cutting thin plastics, foams and synthetic fabrics easily and ...
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  • Thermo-Groovers KZ10 and KZ6
    The Thermogroover's heated blade cuts grooves in synthetic rubber and thermoplastics: PU, PE, Polyester Foams and Soft PVC Synthetic Resins . Applications Cutting grooves in conveyor belts ...
    Our Price: $499.00 - $1,725.00
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  • Thermocutter Adapter
    Convert your thermocutter to a thermogroover with this! Convert your Thermocutter with a new adapter for cutting grooves in styrofoams, ...
    Our Price: $61.50
    $61.50      $62.73