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    • Cenon - Pkg/5
      Disposable safety knife to cut shrink-wrapped packages and plastic straps. The metal pin is used for tearing packing adhesives. with fiber glass, very rigid. ...
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    • Seurin reverse grip safety knife
      This safety knife features a unique reverse grip.  Parts are in metal for ...
      Our Price: $57.00
      $57.00      $58.14
    • DEVEZE Safety Knife for Box Edges
      A 90° shaped cutting guide to cut the edges of boxes and small-diametric cylindrical tubes.  MP1526 Replacement Blades  - Pkg/100  $68  FOB ...
      Our Price: $19.00
      $19.00      $19.38
    • Craste cutter pkg/5
      Tool without blade in fibreglass to cut rolls of paper. param name='movie' ...
      Our Price: $45.00
      $45.00      $45.90
    • FERRET Safety Knife
      Safety knife with a retractable blade and a metal reinforcement at the front limiting the wear due to intensive work. iframe width='539' height='303' ...
      Our Price: $18.00
      $18.00      $18.36
    • RUSH II Safety Scraper
      Safety scraper in composite material with safety lock for a safer use. Delivered with a blade, easy to ...
      Our Price: $18.00
      $18.00      $18.36
    • Lescure Safety Scraper
      Lescure safety scraper with easily replaceable blade. Blade guarded for safety while ...
      Our Price: $16.00
      $16.00      $16.32
    • NAUJAC Safety Knife
      INVENTORY CLEARANCE while supplies last! div ...
      Our Price: $7.70
      $7.70      $7.85
    • TABANAC with MP1734CH solid blade
      Safety knife with a metal loader of five 9mm long blades without precuts, with sharp or rounded edges. Model MP165173 Tabanac ...
      Our Price: $12.00
      $12.00      $12.24
    • Eyrac Strap and Film Cutter, Disposable
      Disposable Strap and Film Cutter. Knife with two spikes to penetrate into the paper and cut cardboard boxes and plastic films. A metal pin at the rear to tear packing adhesives. The knife is ...
      Our Price: $4.50
      $4.50      $4.59
    • TANIN Magnesium Retractable Safety Knife
      First knife in magnesium with trigger and an automatic retractable blade.  Very resistant and light.  Ideal for opening all kinds of ...
      Our Price: $34.00
      $34.00      $34.68
      The Lussac is a patented knife with a 50mm blade length that cuts plastic films and deburrs after thermoforming, where a long blade is necessary. This knife features an ...
      Our Price: $38.00
      $38.00      $38.76
    • GREPIN Magnesium strap cutter and safety knife
      4 in 1 Durable Safety Knife, magnesium and very light 0.19 lbs (90g). The blades can be changed easily. A special safety latch prevents unexpectedly exit of the blade. ...
      Our Price: $34.00
      $34.00      $34.68
      Safety knife in composite material with a trigger and an automatic retractable blade to open packages. A difference of pressure during the cut allows the blade to ...
      Our Price: $26.00
      $26.00      $26.52
    • Medocain Safety knife
      This durable retractable safety knife utilizes the same design as our popular Medoc Safety Knife but the knife head and blade guide are made of Zamak, a high strength metal alloy. A natural gripping motion ...
      Our Price: $35.00
      $35.00      $35.70
      Tool carrier with 39-inch retractable belt chain for keeping tools safe and at your ...
      Our Price: $9.00
      $9.00      $9.18
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