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    Mure & Peyrot

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    • Cenon - Pkg/5
      Disposable safety knife to cut shrink-wrapped packages and plastic straps. The metal pin is used for tearing packing adhesives. with fiber glass, very rigid. ...
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    • Bordeaux Safety Knife
      Safety knife delivered with an industrial razor blade 135.2. Ideal for cutting rigid plastic films, packaging straps, sheets. FOB ...
      Our Price: $16.00
      $16.00      $16.32
    • DEVEZE Safety Knife for Box Edges
      A 90° shaped cutting guide to cut the edges of boxes and small-diametric cylindrical tubes.  MP1526 Replacement Blades  - Pkg/100  $68  FOB ...
      Our Price: $20.00
      $20.00      $20.40
    • FERRET Safety Knife
      Safety knife with a retractable blade and a metal reinforcement at the front limiting the wear due to intensive work. iframe width='539' height='303' ...
      Our Price: $19.00
      $19.00      $19.38
    • Chartron Safety Knife w/ SS Blade for Food Industry
      Chartron Safety Knife with stainless steel blade for Food Industry. Safety knife with trigger and retractable blade for both right and left hand use. The blade length is adjustable , 3 positions. ...
      Our Price: $24.00
      $24.00      $24.48
    • RUSH II Safety Scraper
      Safety scraper in composite material with safety lock for a safer use. Delivered with a blade, easy to ...
      Our Price: $19.00
      $19.00      $19.38
    • Lescure II Safety Scraper
      Lescure safety scraper with easily replaceable blade. Blade guarded for safety while ...
      Our Price: $16.50
      $16.50      $16.83
    • NAUJAC Safety Knife
      INVENTORY CLEARANCE while supplies last! div ...
      Our Price: $11.00
      $11.00      $11.22
    • TABANAC with MP1734CH solid blade
      Safety knife with a metal loader of five 9mm long blades without precuts, with sharp or rounded edges. Model MP165173 Tabanac ...
      Our Price: $13.00
      $13.00      $13.26
    • Eyrac Strap and Film Cutter, Disposable
      Disposable Strap and Film Cutter. Knife with two spikes to penetrate into the paper and cut cardboard boxes and plastic films. A metal pin at the rear to tear packing adhesives. The knife is ...
      Our Price: $4.50
      $4.50      $4.59
    • TANIN Magnesium Retractable Safety Knife
      First knife in magnesium with trigger and an automatic retractable blade.  Very resistant and light.  Ideal for opening all kinds of ...
      Our Price: $35.00
      $35.00      $35.70
    • GREPIN Magnesium strap cutter and safety knife
      4 in 1 Durable Safety Knife, magnesium and very light 0.19 lbs (90g). The blades can be changed easily. A special safety latch prevents unexpectedly exit of the blade. ...
      Our Price: $35.00
      $35.00      $35.70
      Safety knife in composite material with a trigger and an automatic retractable blade to open packages. A difference of pressure during the cut allows the blade to ...
      Our Price: $26.00
      $26.00      $26.52
    • Medocain Safety knife
      This durable retractable safety knife utilizes the same design as our popular Medoc Safety Knife but the knife head and blade guide are made of Zamak, a high strength metal alloy. A natural gripping motion ...
      Our Price: $36.00
      $36.00      $36.72
      Tool carrier with 39-inch retractable belt chain for keeping tools safe and at your fingertips. Great for holding our line ...
      Our Price: $9.00
      $9.00      $9.18
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