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AB-15 Real Paint Pens
**Over One Million Sold** Mark Permanently with Real Paint Pens! Plastic, leather, stone, wood, metal, paper, etc. Opaque, weatherproof, dries to a glossy finish in seconds... smooth application with the 
Custom mixed colors package - AB-15 Paint Pens
**Over One Million Sold** Mark Permanently with Real Paint Pens! Plastic, leather, stone, wood, metal, paper, etc. An opaque, weatherproof, non-toxic enamel... dries to a glossy finish in seconds... 
Custom mixed colors package - Fine Point Paint Pens
AB-11 Paint Pens. Delivered Price. Choose from 6 brilliant colors per package or make your own  
Medoc Safety Knife
Our Price: $23.00
From  $23.00$23.46
Cutting-edge automatic retraction system • Reversible blade • Handle 
Medocain Safety knife
Our Price: $36.00
From  $36.00$36.72
This durable retractable safety knife utilizes the same design as our popular Medoc Safety Knife but the knife head and blade guide are made of Zamak, a high strength metal alloy. A natural gripping motion 
Chartron Safety Knife w/ SS Blade for Food Industry
Price: $24.00Save:$6.00 (25%)
Our Price: $18.00
From  $18.00$18.36
Clearance Item! Chartron Safety Knife with stainless steel blade for Food Industry. Safety knife with trigger and retractable blade for both right and left hand use. The blade length is adjustable , 3  
G9-E Pneumatic powered Ion Gun

Our Price: $995.00
From  $995.00$1,014.90
The G9-E Ion Air Gun, no electrical power supply needed! Extremely light weight for hours of effortless use and made of durable puncture resistant plastic that will not break if dropped. Limited 
Ion Air Gun
New rugged, ergonomic gun is the lightweight, effective spot cleaner! The Model 7293 Ion Air Gun System neutralizes and cleans plastic parts prior to packaging Applications: Pre-paint dust removal 
Ion Air Cannon Kit
Our Price: $1,214.00
From  $1,214.00$1,238.28
Ion Air Cannon Kit The Ion Air Cannon incorporates a Super Air Amplifier and ionizing collar, energized by a power supply. A small amount of compressed air is injected into the barrel of the cannon inducing a  
Rennsteig Solar Working Tools, Crimping, Cutting and Stripping
Solar Working Tools (Scroll down to order items) Rennsteig can help you make your solar installs much more efficient, by giving you the tools you need to do a fast and professional job. These 
The Vac-u-gun is a low cost solution to a wide variety of industrial housekeeping problems. It is a vacuum gun, a blow gun and a transfer tool all in one. Lightweight and easy to use, the Vac-u-Gun has durable 
MN - Braided Hose with Threaded Nipples
Stainless Steel Flexible Connectors contribute to the solution of vibration, noise, expansion and off-set motion problems in piping systems. Assemblies are designed for both high and low temperatures as well  
Machine Leveling Wedge Jacks and Shock Mounts
Of all the leveling devices, Wedge Jacks provide the most rigid support after adjustment. All jacks have mating parts with spherical seats that allow automatic adjustment for up to 7° of transverse 
BM Neoprene Cup Mounts
Our Price: $43.00
From  $43.00$43.86
With more than three times the static deflection of pads, double deflection neoprene isolators notably improve vibration control. Isolated equipment runs quieter and more reliably with less internal wear. 
ND Neoprene Mounts
Bolting is not necessary on most installations. When the equipment has a flush drain pan or tank on the bottom, mounts can be inverted so the baseplate provides support over a larger area. ND Mounts