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    Industrial Supplies

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    Digital Pocket Size Thermometer/Hygrometer
    We offer 3 models of digital pocket size ThermoHygrometers with high accuracy at an affordable price. Precise, Fast Response. All come with: °F/°C Switch, Data Hold and Auto Power Off (20 min.) 
    Pyrometers and sensors for pyrometers
    An Indispensable Tool - An Irresistible Price! For accurate temperature measurements by - Injection Molders - Thermoformers Extruders - Blow Molders - Rubber Molders.  E-Z Probe is designed to go where 
    Hardness Tester for Plastics and Rubber
    The hardness testers come in shore A, Model 510, for use on rubber and rubber related products and shore D, Model 510D, for use on plastics and plastic related products. Ease of use make these instruments the  
    Our Price: $220.00
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    Shows Relative Humidity and Temperature in both Fahrenheit and Centigrade at a glance In Germany, Lufft has been making fine meteorological instruments for over 100 years . Abbeon has been 
    Our Price: $210.00
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    Humidity - Dial w/ Black face & Brass case Model AB-167 Hygrometer is certified to be accurate within ±3%RH + 1 scale division. The dial indicates the complete range 
    HYGROMETER/THERMOMETER Humidity and Temp - Dial w/White Face & Stainless steel case
    Our Price: $192.00
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    Because these are mechanical instruments, they will not hold the specified accuracy on the far ends of the scale (below 30% and above 95%). The  
    AB-15 Real Paint Pens
    **Over One Million Sold** Mark Permanently with Real Paint Pens! Plastic, leather, stone, wood, metal, paper, etc. Opaque, weatherproof, dries to a glossy finish in seconds... smooth application with the 
    Custom mixed colors package - AB-15 Paint Pens
    **Over One Million Sold** Mark Permanently with Real Paint Pens! Plastic, leather, stone, wood, metal, paper, etc. An opaque, weatherproof, non-toxic enamel... dries to a glossy finish in seconds... 
    PX-30 Broad Point Paint Markers
    Broadline Paint Markers with large chisel nib. The seven permanent opaque colors are weather and fade resistant. Suitable for outdoor signs, labeling large items and painting anything exposed to sunlight and  
    Medoc Retractable Safety Knife
    Cutting-edge automatic retraction system • Reversible blade • Handle 
    Medocain Safety knife
    Our Price: $36.00
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    This durable retractable safety knife utilizes the same design as our popular Medoc Safety Knife but the knife head and blade guide are made of Zamak, a high strength metal alloy. A natural gripping motion 
    GIRONDE Safety scraper (black) w/straight blade and cross yellow blade guide
    Our Price: $26.00
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    GIRONDE Safety Scraper. Can be used two-handed. Blades advance by clicks for a new, sharp area. Guarded blade for safety. FOB CA. !--object  
    Ion Air Gun
    New rugged, ergonomic gun is the lightweight, effective spot cleaner! The Model 7293 Ion Air Gun System neutralizes and cleans plastic parts prior to packaging Applications: Pre-paint dust removal 
    Ion Air Cannon, Includes air amplifier, emitter and stand
    Our Price: $561.00
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    The Ion Air Cannon neutralizes static electricity and cleans at distances up to 15 feet with no moving parts. Ideal for those hard to reach spaces or confined areas that require a concentrated 
    Ion Air Cannon Kit
    Our Price: $1,136.00
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    Ion Air Cannon Kit The Ion Air Cannon incorporates a Super Air Amplifier and ionizing collar, energized by a power supply. A small amount of