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Cutting-edge automatic retraction system • Reversible blade • Handle 
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First knife in magnesium with trigger and an automatic retractable blade.  Very resistant and light.  Ideal for opening all kinds of packaging. 
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GIRONDE Safety Scraper. Can be used two-handed. Blades advance by clicks for a new, sharp area. Guarded blade for safety. FOB CA.  
New rugged, ergonomic gun is the lightweight, effective spot cleaner! The Model 7293 Ion Air Gun System neutralizes and cleans plastic parts prior to packaging Applications: Pre-paint dust removal 
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The G9-E Ion Air Gun, no electrical power supply needed! Extremely light weight for hours of effortless use and made of durable puncture resistant plastic that will not break if dropped. Everyday 
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The Ion Air Cannon neutralizes static electricity and cleans at distances up to 15 feet with no moving parts. Ideal for those hard to reach spaces or confined areas that require a concentrated flow of static  
Of all the leveling devices, Wedge Jacks provide the most rigid support after adjustment. All jacks have mating parts with spherical seats that allow automatic adjustment for up to 7° of transverse 
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With more than three times the static deflection of pads, double deflection neoprene isolators notably improve vibration control. Isolated equipment runs quieter and more reliably with less internal wear. 
Bolting is not necessary on most installations. When the equipment has a flush drain pan or tank on the bottom, mounts can be inverted so the baseplate provides support over a larger area. ND Mounts  
**Over One Million Sold** Mark Permanently with Real Paint Pens! Plastic, leather, stone, wood, metal, paper, etc. Opaque, weatherproof, dries to a glossy finish in seconds... smooth application with the 
**Over One Million Sold** Mark Permanently with Real Paint Pens! Plastic, leather, stone, wood, metal, paper, etc. An opaque, weatherproof, non-toxic enamel... dries to a glossy finish in seconds... 
AB-11 Paint Pens. Delivered Price. Choose from 6 brilliant colors per package or make your own  
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Super Duty Electric Round Knife Cutter The most powerful cutting tool for Technical Textiles and Thin Plastics The TASW12M is especially suitable for cutting composite materials like glass fiber, 
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Flooring / Decking Kit F0154KD Includes: F0154S QUICK-SE (electronics) 110V 1300W T4003 Nozzle 40 mm, flat T4000 Nozzle 5 mm, round F5012 5 mm, round Push-on Speed Welding Nozzle 
The optimum automatic welding machine for floor layers . The automatic welding machine FORSTHOFF-F can be used to weld PVC floor coverings and to fusion-weld and seal linoleum coverings. The heat