• Drader Injectiweld
    Drader Injectiweld uses heat from the welding tip to pre-plasticize the welding surface of the thermoplastic. Molten plastic is immediately injected sub-surfacely under pressure, into the weld area to fuse ...
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  • Injectiweld Tips
    T20007 Blank Tips 5¼' length, semi-finish tips used to design your own welding tip. T20008 Prototyping Tip 2' long. Used for prototyping and repairs where small welds are required. T20010 Repair ...
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  • Injectiweld Rental per week
    Weekly rental of Drader Injectiweld, $350 per week. Shipping not included. Welding rod not included. The rental period does not start until you have both the welder and the welding rod in your ...
    Our Price: $350.00
    $350.00      $357.00