Rotational Molding tools and equipment

Rotational Molding


Complete with heavy duty adjustable air regulator plus carrying case. Operates off standard house current. Uses standard shop air.


Delivers efficient quality welds, without surface preparation, oxidation, hot air or gas.

Weld in corners or hard to reach places... with one hand!

Quick-SE Hot Air Tool

The latest generation of light, handy, tried and tested hot air welding tools.


Heated blades designed for cutting all thermoplastics easily and effortlessly. Cuts through material up to 5 inches thick.

Specifically manufactured for plastics, constructed of the highest quality carbide with extremely sharp cutting edges.

Easy-to-select nippers & blades for virtually every plastic cutting application. Lightweight, ergonomic designs to reduce fatigue and repetitive motion injuries.



Deburring - Scraping - Cutting.
Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue. Deburring blades are interchangeable between handles.

Solid aluminum billet with durable anodized finish allows for fast burr removal from edges of plastic parts, sheets, etc. Safe cutting edge cuts clean, consistent chamfers.

Abrasive Saw Blade

Unique non blade-like edge deburrs hard plastics effortlessly. Ideal for curved and complicated shapes; excels on ultra-hard resins like glass-fiber, carbon-fiber and talc filled plastics. Keeps its edge indefinitely without resharpening.


Pneumatic deburring tool is lightweight, easily transported. Hand or mounted. High-speed produces clean, machined edges.


Drill Bits

Specifically manufactured to produce smooth CHIP FREE holes required for acrylic.

Abrasive Saw Blade

Designed, tested and improved for high volume plastic machining. High speed steel tools will give a better finish in ductile, impact resistant, softer, warmer, readily machinable and less abrasive plastics.

Reduce time and cost of polishing acrylic after machining operations. Flame will not introduce contaminants or discoloration to materials being polished.

Post-Mold Processing

Ion air gun and ion air knife neutralize and clean plastic molded parts or extruded pipe and rod with the super air wipe prior to packaging.

Quiet, hard-hitting curtain of air for blowoff, cleaning, drying and cooling. Noisy blowoffs become a whisper, even at high pressures.

Melting Point Meter

Used for testing plastics, waxes, resins, inks, gums, tars, low melting point alloys, organic and inorganic compounds, and more. Portable; use on any convenient workbench or stand. Range of operation 120° - 500° F or 50° - 260° C.

Instant flow, pressure, and temperature information. Extruded aluminum construction is lightweight and long-lasting. Different-sized ports and single, parallel, and duoflow manifold configurations lend flexibility to most mounting situations.

Hardness testers for plastic or rubber molds with mountable utilizing displaced load technique or manual probe options.

Essential tool for detecting strains in transparent materials instantly. Tint plate adds color to image for determination of strains.

Know exactly how much water is flowing through your water lines. In addition to flow rate, precise temperature readings of water provided, and BTU's calculated.

Additionally, find indoor monitoring instruments on our Instrument site

Accurately measure temperatures in injection, blow, and rubber molding with probes specific to your mold requirements, contact-free infrared measuring and bluetooth transmittal options or classic atmospheric bi-metal strip measuring.