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    Industrial Spark Tester

    Item No: BD50E

    Product Description

    Industrial Spark Tester
    Locate bad welds or pin holes easily!

    Fast! * Convenient! * Affordable!

    • Coating/Lining Leak Detection
    • Tank Lining Manufacturers
    • Maintenance Departments
    • Packaging Industries
    • Neon Sign Industries

    Now you can check the quality of your weld.
    This rugged tester is specifically designed for inspecting tank linings and for applications where continuous use is a necessity. The unit's high voltage transformer isolates it from line power, so that it runs cooler.

    Specifications and additional product information
    Input Requirement: 120V, 50/60 HZ.
    Has isolation transformer
    Tester Output: 20,000-47,000 volts at frequencies of approx. 1/2 megahertz
    Operating Time: Continuous in normal application
    BD50EinstructionsBD50E Spark Tester Instructions
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