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  1. How-To Videos

  2. Nipper video test (1 minute duration)

    AZTC-20 Demo (2.5 minute duration)

    Ultrasonic Knife Demo (2 minute duration)

    Tube-Q & Quick-SE Demo (4 minute duration)

    Plastic Bending Fixture, Heat Tray and Table demos (2.5 minute duration each)

    P2 Auto Welder and Accessory Demo (1 minute duration)

    Injectiweld vs Extruder Demo (9 minutes)

    Zetz-24 in Action (3 1/2 minutes)

    Safety Knives and Scrapers Demo (3 minutes)

    Shears and Slitter Demos (3 minutes ea)

    Aquaflame 800 Demo (3 minutes)

    Ultrasonic Hand Held Plastic Welder (4 1/2 minutes)

    AFF135 Auto Bending Machine (2 minutes)

    Heated Strip Cutters (3 minutes)

    Unique Bending Sword (3 minutes)

    Mold Ejector Tie In: Fastie (6 minutes)

    Static Removal Systems (5 minutes)

    Sheet Butt Fusion Welder (4 minutes)

    AZTC20 & Thermo-Straight Cutter (2 minutes)

    Hand Held Heat Sealers (3 minutes)

    CNC Cut and Chamfer (2 minutes)

    ARK125/ART125 Bending Machines (3.5 minutes)

    Manual Fusion/Plate Welders (3 minutes)

    Drader Injectiweld (4 minutes)

    Aquaflame Chemicals (3 minutes)

    Aquaflame Chemicals (9 minutes)

    Safety Knives and Scrapers (4 minutes)

    HSK Extruders (4 minutes)

    AZTC-20 vs ZETZ-24 Thermocutters (4 minutes)

    Oval-Q Demo (3 1/2 minutes)

    P2 Auto Welder (3 1/2 minutes)

    Diamond Edge Polisher (3 minutes)

    Hippo Vacuum Sealer (2 1/2 minutes)

    Mini Electronic Hot Air Welder (4 1/2 minutes)

    ThermaKnife - Hot Tipped Trimming Knife (4 minutes)

    Mini Xtruder (4 minutes)

    Ultrasonic Welder & Knife (3 1/2 minutes)

    Injection Molding Demo (1 1/2 minutes)

    Optima Rotary Shears Demo (2 1/2 minutes)

    EasyWeld Mobile Butt Welder (4 minutes)

    Air Nippers (3 minutes)

    Investment Casting using our Aquaflame (4 1/2 minutes)

    Hot Knife Webcutters (2 minutes)

    HSK Pellet Fed Extruder (3 minutes)

    AFF135-2 2-Bend Bending Table (2 minutes)

    AMT Diamond Edge Polishing (2 minutes)

    Bending Fixture (2.5 minutes)

    G9-E Ion Gun (1 minute)

    Compare Thermocutters (3 1/2 minutes)

    Safety Knives and Scrapers 2019 (4 minutes)

    ABMD Bending Table (2 minutes)

    Complete Heating System (1 minute)

    Spark Tester (4 minutes)

    Lufft I-Box and Opus 20 Datalogger (4 1/2 minutes)

    Auto Pneumatic Strip Cutters (2 minutes)

    Portable Diamond Edge Polisher, The Box (3 minutes)

    Thermo-Groovers (6 1/2 minutes)

    Static Elimination / Ion Guns (2 1/2 minutes)

    Incredible Drader Injectiweld (2 minutes)

    Compression Cutters (2 minutes)

    Optima703/Nera504 Cutters (3 1/2 minutes)

Plastic Bending

  1. Manuals

  2. Plastic Bending Tables Brochure (1.1 Mb pdf)

    Formula for a Heated Area Around a Radius (1 page, 167 kb pdf)

  3. Videos

  4. Plastic Bending Fixture, Heat Tray and Table demos (2.5 minute duration each)

    Pneumatic Plastic Bending Table videos (2 videos, 4 mins total)

    Automatic Plastic Bending Table videos (2 videos, 3 mins total)

    Free Standing Heat Tray videos (2 videos 3 mins)

    Plastic Bending Unique Sword videos (3 mins)

    Vacuum Feed Plastic Bending Table video (3 mins)

  5. Diagrams

  6. Free Standing Heat Tray diagram (1.7 mb pdf)


  1. Manuals

  2. AZTC-20 Thermocutter Instructions (pdf)

    ZETZ-24/ ZETZ-25 Operating Instructions (1.25 Mb pdf)

  3. Videos

  4. AZTC-20 Thermocutter in action video 1

    AZTC-20 Thermocutter in action video 2

    AZTC-20 Thermocutter in action video 3

    AZTC-20 Thermocutter in action video 4

    AZTC-20 Thermocutter in action video 5

    AZTC-20 Thermocutter in action video 6

    ZETZ-24 Thermocutter in action video

    ZETZ-24 Thermocutter in action video (textiles)

    Zetz-24 in Action (3 1/2 minutes)

  5. Diagrams

  6. Zetz25 diagram 1

    Zetz25 diagram 2

Hot Air Tools/Welding

  1. Welding Videos

  2. Forsthoff Tools

    How to Plastic Weld. Instructions Video

    Tube-Q and Quick SE Demonstration

    Plastic repair with the Tube-Q

    Mini-Electronic in application

    FORSTHOFF-P2 Video from Forsthoff

    Hem Welding Guide for FORSTHOFF-P2 from Forsthoff

    FORSTHOFF Welder for Webbing Tapes Video from Forsthoff

    Plastic repair, welding with Injectiweld

    Repairing plastic with punctures using an Injectiweld

    Demonstration of repairing punctured plastic slide using Injectiweld

    Thermoplastic Welder Instructions

  3. Articles

  4. FORSTHOFF Hand-Welder Heat Element Replacement Instructions (81kb pdf)

    How to Test the Weldability of Various Plastics (Burn Test)

    Plastic Welding Basics

    Getting the Right Start to Plastic Welding

    Plastic Welding Safety Concerns

    Hot Air/ Hot Gas Welding

    How to Weld Plastic

    How to Weld UHMW-PE

    Splicing ThermoPlastic Materials

    Prototyping using Plastic Welding

    Description of Staking, Swaging, and Degating

    An Overview of Ultrasonic Staking

    Inspection and Testing of Plastic Welds

    Repairing Plastic Parts

    Proper Handling of Plastic Welders

    Additional Parts for Extruder HSK08-DE

  5. Manuals

  6. FORSTHOFF-F Instructions (161k pdf)

    FORSTHOFF-P Instructions (280k pdf)

    FORSTHOFF Operating Manual (1.29Mb pdf)

    Quick-S Electronic Manual 2010 (2.6 Mb pdf)

    RC100 Extruder Operations Manual (16k pdf)

    WB7000 Extruder Operating Manual (16k pdf)

  7. Diagrams

  8. FORSTHOFF-B parts diagram (125k jpg)

    FORSTHOFF-P2 parts diagram (114k jpg)

    Grand-LE 110V parts diagram (55k jpg)

    Grand-LE parts diagram (91k jpg)

    Mini Electronic (F1034) parts diagram (93k jpg)

    Quick-SE 110V parts diagram (76k jpg)

    Quick-SE 230V parts diagram (69k jpg)

  9. Brochures

  10. FORSTHOFF Overlap Welders Brochure (1.9 Mb pdf)

    FORSTHOFF Tools 2016 Brochure (1Mb pdf)

    FORSTHOFF Tools overview (Spanish version)/ Herramientas de información general (español) (1.2 Mb pdf)

Plastic Working Tools / Environmental

  1. Articles

  2. Drill Speed Guide Sheet (172k pdf)

    AB-15 Color Paint Pens Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

    AB-15 Silver/Gold Paint Pens Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

    PAB-15 Paint Pens Material Safety Data Sheet (29k pdf)

    Quick Mold Change Guide (208k pdf)

    Mold Cooling Art - Turbulent Flow Indicators (2.5mb pdf)

  3. Manuals

  4. Acrylic Flame Polishing Manual (130k pdf)

    HSK08DE Operating Manual (1.4 Mb pdf)

    HSK23-HSK30 Operating Manual (416k pdf)

    Injectiweld Manual (1.1Mb pdf)

    Injectiweld Spanish Manual (2.6Mb pdf)

    Panel Saw Manual (1.3 Mb pdf)

    Panel Saw Manual - Spanish translation (3.4 Mb pdf)

    Spark Tester - BD50E Instructions (287k pdf)

    Spark Tester - Spanish/ Verificador de chispa español

  5. Diagrams

  6. Free Standing Heat Tray diagram (1.7 mb pdf)

  7. Videos

  8. Electronic Flowmeter Battery Installation (4 minute)

    Nippers demo

    Nippers demo 2

    Medoc Safety Knife video

    Medocain Safety Knife video

    Lescure Safety Scraper video

    Rush II Safety Cutter video

    Craste Safety Cutter video

    Gironde Safety Scraper video

    Bordeaux Safety Cutter video

    Cenon Safety Cutter video

    Model 6400 Vertical Panel Saw

    GHC 530 Strip Cutter