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    HMWPE Weld Rod

    Product Description

    HMWPE Weld Rod
    The most important element to successful thermoplastic welding is the quality of the filler rod.

    To insure proper bonding, it is essential that filler rods be made with the same high grade resins used in the material being welded.

    Our rod is extruded using only the highest grade resins available.

    *********5 Lbs. Minimum Order*********

    Specifications and additional product information

    Ideal for welding UHMW.
    HMWPE - Black 
    HMWPE - Natural  

    5 lb rods or coil
    (specify size)
    10lb coil
    (specify size)
    FOB OH
    30lb spool
    (specify size)
    FOB OH
    10lb spool*
    FOB AZ

    *Spools are approximately 15" in diameter, 4.5" wide and have a 1" diameter hole in the center of the spool.
    $44.00 - $213.00