Item No: HSK100T230

HSK 100 Tube 230 Volt

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Product Description

HSK 100 Tube 230 Volt

The choice of heat output of either 3000 W or 3400 W 230 V can be seamlessly adjusted from room temperature to 700 °C. The device is fitted with a new and very reliable electronic temperature control. The air output is, depending on nozzle, 450 litres/min. The air flow can be changed by various plug-on nozzles, meaning that various uses are possible. The hot air blower stands out for its unique ergonomic handle. Moreover, the equipment is easy to service thanks to a new motor generation with considerably increased carbon service lives of more than 1,500 hours. The collector carbons are also equipped with a disconnection organ, which prevents damage to the motor after the carbon brushes have been worn down.

The collector carbons can be changed several times. Carbons can be easily changed from the outside without the need to open up the equipment. With its 1400 g weight and 3 m lead the HSK100 is light, meaning it can be used purely as hand equipment and for installation into various machines.
  • For installation into machines and on conveyer belts
  • For use in repair shops for the repair of plastic components on cars and motorcycles
  • For use in electromechanical work
  • Shrinking of heat shrink tubing, packaging film
  • Heating for deforming thermoplastic semi-finished products
  • Drying of wet and damp surfaces
  • Thawing out of frozen water pipelines
  • Removal of old shellac and epoxy resin
  • Activating and detaching of solvent-free adhesives and hot-melt adhesives
  • Drying and heating processes of all kinds
  • Shrinking of packaging film and shaped parts
  • Separating and merging of synthetic threads and fabrics
  • Sterilizing of packaging material
  • Plastic deflashing and polishing of plastic surfaces

Specifications and additional product information
  • Voltage 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Heating power 2600 W 230 V.
  • Temperature 20-650 ° C, infinitely adjustable
  • Weight 1360 g with 3 m connection cable regulation electronics
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