Item No: MP991152

Medoc Safety Knife

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Product Description

Medoc Safety Knife

Features include:

  • Cutting-edge automatic retraction system
  • Reversible blade
  • Handle lock

This unique knife comes with a blade like many box cutters, but when it leaves the material being cut, it immediately retracts into the handle— preventing cuts. A natural gripping motion replaces the awkward thumb button of many other safety knives to extend the blade. When cutting pressure is removed, the blade automatically retracts. This ergonomic design is great for both left and right handed users. A variety of blades are available for multiple uses including razor, serrated, and stainless steel blades.

Watch our video to see Medoc Safety Cutter in action!

Straight blade with large hole, sharpening 15/28 for flexible materials. Premium quality steel. 54 mm long.

Serrated blade to cut cardboard boxes

Rounded corner blade