In 1998 PWS, INC recognized the need for plastic welding training in the USA and Canada.

Plastic welders have typically learned by following the lead of other welders who have been in the business for years, or simply learn on their own after purchasing a plastic welding tool. In the USA and in Canada there are no plastic welding standards for fabricators to follow. Plastic Welding School found a need in the industry for a formal training program on how to weld plastics. We based our program on proven CEN and DVS plastic welding standards set in Europe.

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PWS, INC offers a range of plastic welding training courses for the beginner or the experienced plastic fabricator. Standard plastic fabrication courses including hot gas and extrusion welding of sheet as well as butt and socket fusion welding of pipe and welding of thermoplastic liners. Plastic welding training can be run at the customer’s facility or at our training facility in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Training can also be tailored to your individual company needs. Plastic Welding School offers a certification in the welding of thermoplastics, reference materials for plastic welding fabrication and plastic repairs, including Plastic tank design Software, Consulting and expert witness services are also available.

PWS was established to provide plastic fabricators, plastic welders, and plastic engineers with a source for Plastic Welding, and Plastic Fabrication Training and consultation.

The President of PWS Incorporated is Larry Rowold. Larry has been involved in the Plastics industry for almost 30 years. In 1985, his career began in the plastics field as a Project Manager/Construction Manager for a large contracting company in Midland Michigan. He then worked with a large chemical company excavating and lining hazardous waste landfills and metropolitan waste landfills. This move lead Larry to a position working with a large geomembrane manufacturer establishing a separate liner installation firm. From there Larry moved to a Plastic’s equipment manufacturer. In 1998 Larry began his own Company as a plastic welding equipment salesperson and Plastic Welding Instructor.

During the past 15 years Larry has conducted over 100 plastic welding classes, training first time students in hot gas welding, extrusion welding, fusion (wedge) welding, butt fusion welding, spin welding, and electro-fusion welding. He has also conducted classes for students with many years of experience in welding plastics and many other specialty plastic fabrication projects. Larry has conducted classes in almost every state in the USA, including the North Slope of Alaska, to Shrimp farms in the Keys of Florida, to the landfills in California, to the coal mining industry in North Dakota, to the ship building companies in Maine. Larry has also conducted classes in a few of the Central American countries, South America, Mexico and Canada. Larry has worked in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, China, Japan, and Australia.

All the training is based upon the DVS/CE written standards. Larry also works with most of the Equipment manufacturers and provides training in many companies on a regular basis. Larry conducts 4 in house training classes a year. (Look for the schedule and location on a separate link).

Most of the classes Larry conducts are in Company facilities, the primary reason for this is that the end user, uses his/her own equipment, in his/her own environment, using his/her own materials, and working on projects the he or she will be using in the future. This also provides a means for not only training the plastic welder but to get the company management, supervision, QA/QC, design engineers involved in the plastic welder methodology and techniques. Larry can also train the equipment maintenance staff on preventative maintenance thus reducing down time on equipment and repair costs.

Larry also performs many private/confidential project consultations and provides suggestions on equipment selection and utilization. Training is available on the welding of PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PC, Acrylic’s and fluoropolymer materials plus blended products.

Larry has written articles for publication in the Plastic Fabrication magazine.

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