Ultrasonic Knife

The Ultrasonic Knife is unique cutting tool that uses high frequency vibration for smooth, effortless cutting of both sensitive and difficult materials.

This portable ultrasonic knife runs on 120V power and is designed to make short, intermittent cuts. The high frequency vibration allows the knife to easily pass through materials that are difficult to cut with a cold blade like composite plastics or carbon fiber parts. The vibration also seals the edges of shear fabrics to prevent fraying without causing burn marks that occur with a hot knife cutter. The ultrasonic knife can be used to cut synthetic fabrics, plastics, carbon fiber, rubber, cork sheets, plaster and food products.

Safe for anyone to use, the on/off switch is on the hand gun so it is only “on” when in use. Even a first time user can follow the cut line effortlessly to produce clean, even cuts.

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