MINI-Electronic Hot Air Welder

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Product Description

MINI-Electronic Hot Air Welder

The Compact and Light Hot Air Welder

Ideal for plastic fabricators and tank manufacturers because of its light weight and ease of use. The totally insulated Mini-Electronic hot air welder has a heating capacity of 1300 Watts, 120 V. The heat is infinitely variable from 68 to 1290°F and is kept constant electronically. The required air supply can be provided by a compressor or shop air. An additional control regulates the air supply. For building sites and outdoors, model F0997, a hand transportable blower, will supply the necessary air.

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Push-on welding tips work with the 5mm nozzle.

Model F1023 with Blower F0997

The M10 push-on nozzle with threads enables screw-on welding tips to be used in welding operations.

When used with compressed air source, air regulator and filter recommended.

This unit is particularly useful in welding plastic sheeting, pipes, fittings and tank fabrication because of its stability.

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Specifications and additional product information
Voltage: 120V, 50/60 Hz 230V, 50/60 Hz
Heating capacity: 1300 Watts, 120V 1500 Watts, 230V
Temperature: 68 - 1290°F infinitely variable
Air requirements: 80 - 250 liters/min. (3-5 psi)
Double Insulated
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Download the diagram.How to change heat elements