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  • Hot Air Welding Kits
    General Repairs Kit, Roofing Kit, Flooring / Decking Kit, and Mini-E Plastic Welding Kit to choose ...
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  • Forsthoff Oval-Q Hot Air Tool
    NEW OVAL-Q HOT AIR WELDER FORSTHOFF’s experience of 40 years in hot air welder manufacturing is presented in this new line. The NEW Oval-Q welder is characterized by its slight lean oval ...
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  • MINI-Electronic Hot Air Welder
    Ideal for plastic fabricators and tank manufacturers because of its light weight and ease of use. The totally insulated Mini-Electronic hot air welder has a heating capacity of 1300 Watts, 120 V. The heat ...
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  • Quick-SE (Electronic) Hot Air Tool
    by FORSTHOFF The versatile Quick-SE is a light, handy, tried and tested hot air welding tool. Ergonomic Handle Design . This Quick-SE hot air tool features a tapered handle for ease of handling and ...
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  • Electric Plastic Welder Kits
    Plastic Welder kit comes complete with heavy duty adjustable air regulator plus carrying case. Operates off standard house current. Uses standard shop air, 120-volt power – 500 ...
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  • Thermoplastic Welder for PVC
    Ideal for PVC and other plastics that produce irritating fumes • New design allows the barrel to stay cooler while it blows away fumes • Available with or without compressor • Infinite heat ...
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  • Electric Plastic Welder
    The basic welder for fast economical plastic welds. Comes with a heavy duty air regulator and operates off standard house current. Uses standard shop air. 120-volt power- 500 watts. Also available in ...
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  • Socket Fusion Pipe Welder
    The fusion welders are electric tubular heaters cast in aluminum mounted on a clampable base and they come with a control box which regulates the electric power thereby controlling the temperature. A mounting ...
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  • Compact Heat Gun
    Lightweight, Easy to Use. Variable Temperature Control Dial • Temperature from 250°F - 1100°F • Solid State Construction • Built In Safety Stand • Two Speed Motor • High ...
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  • Heat Guns
    Safe, Instant Electric Heat from 300°F to 1150°F. Ideal for shrinking, drying, softening, thawing, curing. These heat guns have established impressive records for rugged performance through prolonged ...
    Our Price: $13.00 - $99.00
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  • Hot Air SE
    by FORSTHOFF. Handy and extremely powerful hot air welding tool... Applications: Roofing Industry, Waste Dump Sheeting, Pond Sheeting, Heavy Duty Tarpaulins, Automotive ...
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  • GRAND-SE (Electronic) Hot Air Tool
    This hot air blower can be hand held or built into a machine for continuous operation. For use wherever hot air is needed for warming,heating, forming, shrinking or activation. Air flow rate of 450 ...
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  • Hot Stapler Plastic Repairs Kit
    Plastic repair has just taken a major step forward. The DF-800BR Hot Stapler Equipment helps save parts that would be difficult otherwise to save. This tool creates a strong, structural repair while still ...
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  • Quick L Hot Air Tool 1600W 2 heat settings
    These low-cost tools are specially designed for tarpaulin, tent and awning fabricators who weld one type of material in one overlap width. This tool features your choice of one or two permanent heat settings and ...
    Our Price: $390.00
    $390.00      $397.80
  • Quick-LE 120V 1600W
    The latest generation of our easy to handle, lightweight and reliable hot air welding torch Quick-L-Electronic.  The hot air welding torch Quick-L-Electronic is characterised by a small handle that is ...
    Our Price: $395.00
    $395.00      $402.90
  • Grand L Non Electronic with 3 Heat Settings 2600W 230V
    This hot air blower can be hand held or built into a machine for continuous operation. For use wherever hot air is needed for warming,heating, forming, shrinking or activation. Air flow rate of 450 ...
    Our Price: $450.00
    $450.00      $459.00
  • VENTO-G BRUSHLESS 230v, 3400w
    The powerful service-friendly hot air blower for trade and industry.  Vento-G , with brushless motor offers a number of options with respect to the application where a flow of hot air is required for ...
    Our Price: $875.00
    $875.00      $892.50
  • Tube-G Hot Air Tool
    With tube handle design and double fan for even more air flow. Using the same high quality reliable German-made parts as the Grand-SE (hot air tool), the Tube-G-Electronic offers you a choice in handle ...
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