Plastic Bending Bars

Product Description

Plastic Bending Bars
Works on: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Kydex, polycarbonates, PVC (Type I and II), ABS, Acrylics


  • Replaceable Heating Elements
  • Rugged Aluminum Construction
  • Two Sizes: For 4' and 8' sheets
  • Stepless Heat Controller
  • Even Heat... no hot or cold spots
  • Optional Sword for sharp 90 degree bends

This inexpensive, precision tool heats thermoplastic sheeting up to 1/2" thick for forming bends. The combination of variable temperature control and two heating surfaces adapts to a wide range of material sizes and thicknesses.

Comes in two sizes to handle 4-foot or 8-foot wide sheets. The bars uniformly heat which prevents hot or cold spots. Its heavy duty aluminum construction is built for years of industrial service. Each bar has a rectangular cross section giving two heating surfaces for bending different thicknesses of material. One surface is 5/8" and the other 1" wide. The 1" wide surface is normally used with thicker sheeting. More control for thin materials is obtained by using only one bar instead of two. Use one 5/8" bar for up to 1/8" thick material and use two 5/8" bars for 1/8" to 1/4" material. For 3/8" and thicker material, use the two 1" bars.

Operation is simple with minimal training time. The handles are insulated but gloves should be worn as the handles do get hot.

Bending bar sets include: Two heating bars, two base supports, and one stepless heat controller.

* 8-foot bars and 8-foot bar sets ship by truck or FedEx only

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