Plastic Bending Systems: Heat Trays and Bending Bars

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    Heats and Automatically makes double bends in thin plastics AFF135-2 is an easy-to-operate and very productive automatic bending machines for thin plastic sheets. Bend one sheet up to 4'5' (135 ...
    Our Price: $25,300.00
    $25,300.00      $25,806.00
  • 110V AUTOMATIC Single Bend MACHINE
    Heats and Automatically makes single in thin plastics AFF135 is an easy-to-operate and very productive automatic bending machine for thin plastic sheets. Bend one sheet up to 4'5' (135 cm) or multiple ...
    Our Price: $15,900.00
    $15,900.00      $16,218.00
  • Pneumatic Plastic Bending Table
    For: PP displays • Signs • Literature racks, etc. Double-sided heating. Multiple bends in PP, PE, PS, PC, PVC, and PMMA. Up to 5/8” thick. Adjustable heating filaments with heat reflectors ...
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  • Free Standing Heating Tray 240V
    Bend plastic without contacting the heat source! Ideal for making single bends or making your own system . Bend Plastics to ...
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  • Plastic Bending Bars
    Works on: Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Kydex, polycarbonates, PVC (Type I and II), ABS, Acrylics. Features: Replaceable Heating Elements • Rugged Aluminum Construction • Two Sizes: For 4' and ...
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  • Silicone Heaters for Bending Plastic
    For Bending Thicker Plastics. Our wide heat Silicone Heaters give you the ability to heat thermoplastic material up to 6' wide. Ideal for material up to 1½' thick or thin material that requires a ...
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    AFF135 Accessories Heats and Automatically makes single or double bends in thin plastics (Line Bending) Freight Delivery Included!  Underframe with wheels and brakes are Included! ...
  • Silicone Heating Blankets w/Temp Control
    Scroll to bottom of page to order... Silicone heating blankets, with built-in temperature control, are a true plug-and-play heater that's easy to install and ready for use out of the box. Our Silicone rubber ...
  • Complete Heating System
    Acrylics, ABS, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, Polycarbonate... and many more. This Heating System prepares all types of thermoplastic materials for forming all-angle bends and reduces fabrication time both ...
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  • ARP Bending Tables 7 and 10 ft
    7 and 10 foot Heavy constructed professional bending machine with complete pneumatically operated top frame and adjustable stop with scale calibrated in millimeters/inches. The heating wires are independently and ...
  • ABMD135 Single/Dual 4.4 foot Automatic Bending Machine
    ABMD135 4 foot Automatic Bending Machine The ABMD135 foot pedal activated machine is easy-to-operate and a very productive automatic bending machines. This 4.4 ft (135mm) wide plastic bending machine ...
    Our Price: $35,000.00
    $35,000.00      $35,700.00
  • IC1 4 foot Bending Table
    Material thickness: from 1 to 6 mm (.04 to .23 in) Radius: from 0.2 to 5 mm (.007 to .19 in) Working width: 1300 mm (51.18 in) Suitable for all thermoplastic materials such as acetylates, ...
    Our Price: $7,900.00
    $7,900.00      $8,058.00
  • IC Carrier Cart for bending tables
    Height-adjustable device carrier (stainless steel) for all IC bending machines of the series IC1, IC100 and IC200. Features: Stainless steel VA 3 mm (.118 in) Four castors with ...
    Our Price: $1,190.00
    $1,190.00      $1,213.80
  • Fixture 3000 Large Quantity, Mobile Frame
    Fixture 3000: 118 inch (300 cm) This extended fixture is easy to adjust and developed for large quantity production. Ideal for L-, T- and U-shaped displays. Provided with roller tracks on bottom and top ...
    Our Price: $5,200.00
    $5,200.00      $5,304.00
  • Maxfire Insulation Board 24x36x1/2 inch
    Maxfire HP Grade Insulation Board in sheets size: 24 x 36 x 1/2'. For use with silicon strip heaters. (Inorganic 2300ºF - 2600ºF Vacuum Formed Insulation Board) Maxfire Boards are rigid ...
    Our Price: $53.00
    $53.00      $54.06
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