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    Product Description

    "Unique Sword"

    For sharp 90° bends for Polypropylene and Polyethylene! (Line Bending)

    This unit attaches to one bending bar. After heating, it melts through about two-thirds of the sheet forming a deep V-groove. The sheet is bent with a sharp, non-radius bend resulting in a contact weld along the juncture of the groove. Excess material forms an extra bead along the inside of the bend. The result is a sharp attractive bend with a reinforced inner joint.

    Here is an inexpensive way to accomplish what would otherwise require extensive investment in complicated machinery.

    Set Includes: One bar, one sword, one base, one controller (115 VAC). 240V option also available.

    8' Sword Set ships by truck or FedEx only.

    Use of Heat Resistant Gloves highly recommended.