Free Standing Heating Tray 240V

Product Description

Free Standing Heating Tray 240V

Bend plastic without
contacting the heat source

Ideal for making single bends or making your own system
Free-Standing Heating Trays
Bend Plastics to Perfection

The heating element is recessed and never comes in contact with your plastic. The result is a professional bend every time.

These heating trays have been exclusively designed to give constant professional bends while working with all types of thermoplastic materials. Acrylics, ABS, PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate and many more. They are essentially used for straight line bends or folds, capable of heating up to 1/2" thick material. All trays come with a standard 240-volt pigtail and are ready for operation.

Multiple units may be purchased for multiple bends or to build your own system. The temperature of two heating trays can be controlled with the 18TBP-2-10 240V Power Controller (see below).

All Free-Standing Heating Trays run on standard 120-volts and have a maximum operating temperature of 800°F. Temperature can be adjusted using the PC power control.

For use with the new 240V Free Standing Heat Tray Model FS48-240 above!
  • Provides a full wave rectified, infinitely variable DC Output Voltage from a single-phase AC input.
  • Utilizes an exclusive self-protecting design to provide maximum unit protection against potentially destructive conditions.

Specifications and additional product information
Model FS48-240 FS48-4240
Heated Width/Length 1/2" x 48" 1/4" x 48"
Total Length of Tray 59" 59"
Watts/Amps 430/1.8 330/1.4
"A" Dimension 1/2" 1/2"
See accessory items for Replacement Element
Model FM11007-240 FM11009-240
18TBP 240V Power Controller
Max. Amps 10
Max. Rated Voltage 2.4 KVA
Fuse Number 49C25-10
Dimension & Weight 3.2(H) x 2.5(W) x 2.5(D)

GridItemIDItem NoItem InformationPriceOrder Qty
1806FS48-2401/2-inch x 48-inch Heat Tray 240V
3826FS48-42401/4" x 48" Heat Tray 240V