Pneumatic Drive Compression Cutter

Item No: 513
Product Description

Pneumatic Drive Compression Cutter
Pneumatic drive assembly automatically moves the cutter head left or right at the push of a button. It can be mounted to any cutter to provide operation over long cutting spans or when long material lengths are required.

Safe 3-button actuating panel allows cutter to operate at speeds up to 36 inches per second. Cutting speeds are controlled by an adjustable air flow control valve.

System requires 100 PSI pressure. Air supply must be lubricated, filtered and regulated.

Hold Down Attachment

Add to pneumatic cutter to keep material flat, straight and secure during cutting cycle

Double hold down accessories can be added to the pneumatic cutter to keep material flat, straight and securely in position during the cutting cycle.

The system operates on air in synchronization with the feeding and cutting cycles. Air can be regulated to control the hold down pressure.

A Double Hold Down Systems locks the material down on both sides of the cutter blade to compress thicker materials and to insure maximum sheet size accuracy.

General Specifications:

  • Hold Down is available for 40", 60" and 80" cutter sizes.
  • The devise is made of heavy machined aluminum parts to maximize efficiency.
  • Air cylinders raise the press bar 4" to allow easy hand access to material.
  • Cutters are equipped with automatic "kill switch" to shut off air supply when hands are in the equipment.
Hold Down Attachment

GridItemIDItem NoItem InformationPriceOrder Qty
2103PDAPN3044K30-inch stroke Pneumatic Compression Cutter
2104PDAPN4054K40-inch stroke Pneumatic Compression Cutter
4083PDAPN5064K50 in Pneumatic Drive Compression Cutter
2105PDAPN6074K60-inch stroke Pneumatic Compression Cutter
2106PDAPN7286K72-inch Stroke Pneumatic Compression Cutter
2107PDAPN8094K80-inch stroke Pneumatic Compression Cutter
3551HD4000Double Hold Down for 40 inches
3552HD6000Double Hold Down for 60 inches
3553HD8000Double Hold Down for 80 inches