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    Plastic Cutting Tools: Plastic Cutters

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    ZETZ-24 Thermocutter Hot Knife
    (ZETZ-24 Hot Knife Control Unit with Insulated Handle) These hot knife Thermocutters (hot 
    AZTC20 Compact Thermocutter Hot Knife
    Weighs only 11½ oz. • Features an electrically heated blade • For cutting thin plastics, foams and synthetic fabrics easily and 
    ZETZ-25 Thermocutter Hot Knife with Robotic (EOAT) Handle
    (Zetz-25 Hot Knife Control Unit with Addition of Robotic 'EOAT' Handle) These hot knife  
    Bow Cutters
    All models ready to use. No complicated wiring or design required. Hand-held and easy-to-use. Cuts expanded & extruded polystyrene. Comes with built-in power controller. Industrial 
    Build your own foam cutter
    Choose any thickness of wire— from .005 to 0.25. Thin wires are safer and cut cleaner, but they sag and break if stressed. Large wires are more durable. Use the transformer and control unit shown. Design 
    Controllers & Wire for foam cutting
    Hot-Wire Do-It-Yourself Kit. Everything you need to build your own 4' or 8' hot wire machine. Includes: Magnum or Mag8, Gator Cord, 2 Insulators, Spring, and 100' Roll of  
    One pass deburring and safety edging of plastics or sheet metal. • Easily brought to the work site • For use as both a hand or as a bench-mounted tool • Breaks sharp edges on parts at mill, saw 
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    Ideal for weld preparation. Our patented line of Beveling machines provide a more effective method of beveling over slow grinding and torch cutting. No Vibration - No Heat - No Fumes - No 
    Debby Debeader 90 Degree Router with Carry Case
    Our Price: $1,935.00
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    For removing welding beads... Three versions are available: Debby 90 - Removes the  
    Hand Held Air Nippers
    Tools & Blades for Virtually Every Plastic Cutting Application. 8 models available. Features safety locking lever operation, Ergonomic design, Lightweight, right- or left-hand operation, End cap 
    Universal Mounting Components for Nippers
    If you are a do-it-yourself type of person and would like to build your own mounting fixture for your pneumatic nipper system, you will find the clamps and brackets that you will need right here. These 
    Ninja Sliding Nipper - Double Action Sliding Air Nipper
    Revolutionary 'Ninja' nipper redefines the industry standard for sliding nippers. Our patented design utilizes a linear, opposing 'V', slide track with adjustable gibs and is powered by double acting air  
    Ceramic Double-Burr DB5000
    Simultaneously removes burrs from both sides of workpiece. Ergonomically designed handle with guard to protect you while you work. Includes: V-shaped blade mounted in a DB handle (blades can be 
    SafeCut Deburring Tool
    High Tech Ceramic Deburring Tool. Space age ceramics makes deburring safe because of SafeCut’s unique non blade-like edge. Deburrs hard plastics effortlessly without the fear of cutting your hand or 
    Cenon - Pkg/5
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    Disposable safety knife to cut shrink-wrapped packages and plastic straps. The metal pin is used for tearing packing adhesives. with fiber glass, very rigid.