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    Product Description

    Shear Cutter

    Cut & Roll material into sheets and cut sheets into functional sizes of materials with no waste

    Cutting Systems. . . that Perform with Speed and Accuracy

    Still looking for ways to increase worker efficiency and productivity? One often overlooked worker is in the packing area or operations where materials are ripped or hacked into pieces rather than being cut into sized, functional pieces of material.

    We offer two cutting technologies. . . for use in medium and low volume cutting operations. . . one is just right for your cutting requirements. Cutters are available in five sizes for cutting material up to 72-inches wide. Custom sizes are available for special cutting needs.

    These cutting systems are serving thousands of users and meeting a variety of material cutting needs. Savings in material and time often pay for the cutting system in 90 days or less.

    Shear Cutter
    The Rotary Shear Cutter comes completely assembled and ready to operate. Your operators will be delighted with its ease of operation and effortless cutting action.

    The rotary knife is safely enclosed in the cutting head and cuts a wide variety of material:
    • Paper
    • Plastic
    • Vinyl
    • Packing Foam
    • Bubble
    • Fiberglass

    The knife cuts in both directions and has a one-year functional guarantee.

    Five sizes are available to cut materials up to 72-inches wide. Special size cutters are available on request. The cutter can be easily mounted in-line with existing roll storage or it can be integrated into any table or roll storage system.

    Cutter can be equipped to operate with pneumatic drive system.

    Cutter No. Material Width Assembly Width
    RC 3044 30-inches 44-inches
    RC 4054 40-inches 54-inches
    RC 5064 50-inches 64-inches
    RC 6074 60-inches 74-inches
    RC 7286 72-inches 86-inches
    RC 8094 80-inches 94-inches

    Replacement Blades are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Each blade is double checked for defects and concentricity.