Mechanical APN "Advanced Performance" Compression Cutter

Product Description

Mechanical APN "Advanced Performance" Compression Cutter
Compression cutting technology combined with precision linear motion and “dynamic tension” assures a straight clean cut with no threading or rough edges.

The new APN “Advanced Performance” cutting system enables you to cut a larger range of materials, such as:

  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass
  • Natural & Synthetic Fibers
  • Woven & Non-woven Materials
  • Open & Closed Cell Foams
Five sizes are available to cut material up to 72 inches wide. Special size cutters are available on request. The advanced performance cutter can be mounted in-line with existing roll storage or it can be integrated into tables or roll storage systems available for purchase through

Cutter No. Material Cutting Width Overall Size
APN 3044 30 inches 44 inches
APN 4054 40 inches 54 inches
APN 5064 50 inches 64 inches
APN 6074 60 inches 74 inches
APN 7286 72 inches 86 inches
APN 8094 80 inches 96 inches

We invite you to call one of our application engineers to discuss your cutting requirements. Better yet, send us a sample and we will test cut it and give you a full report. Or, ask about our trial program, it allows you to test the cutter in your own plant under actual operating conditions.

Replacement Blades are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Each blade is double checked for defects and concentricity.

APN cutters come completely assembled and ready to operate. Built-in mechanical system automatically provides static downward pressure to the blade assembly. “Dynamic Tension” in the cutter base assures a consistent clean cut across the entire cutting surface.

The rotary blade assembly is safely enclosed in the cutter housing. It moves smoothly and cuts in both directions. The system carries a six-month functional guarantee.

A built-in roller and separator system accommodates and facilitates the dispensing of roll material.

Cutter can be equipped to operate with a Pneumatic Drive System.
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