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    WS Suface Temp Sensor

    Item No: 8160-WT1

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    Product Description

    WS Suface Temp Sensor
    The temperature sensor measures the surface temperature, eg. the surface temperature of a solar module. This remote temperature sensor can be combined with any sensor of the WS family. A typical application is to combination with WS301-UMB or WS501-UMB as a reference sensor to show how efficient a solar system works.

    Lufft WT1 - Temperature Sensor Bestell-Nr. WT1 -
    Temperature Sensor 8160.WT1

    Technical Data

    • Dimensions Ø 30mm, Höhe 8mm
    • Weight (incl. cable) ca. 300 g
    • Measuring range –40 ... +80 ° C
    • Resolution 0.25°C
    • Accuracy ±1 ° C
    • Protection type IP68
    • Op. temperature range –40 ... +80 ° C
    • Cable length 10m